d i s c l a i m e r

I would like to think that The Joys Of Being Paige is a kind and friendly blog to read. So, should I be lucky enough to receive gifts from individuals to view and write about, I will clearly state at the bottom of the post for the significance of the product. I will only review items that I feel suit my blog and it's content. The review will be completely honest as I feel this is important both to me and my readers as I value my readers trust and my blogs reputation. 

Sharing Rule
I apply a lot of effort and love into my blog, so please don't nab anything without asking my permission or providing a link from it to my blog! To contact me regarding the above, visit my contact page.

I rarely display any images that aren't my own but if I do I will clearly mark that the photos are not. However, if you are not happy if images or content of yours are being displayed, contact me and I will take it down immediately.