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Thank you for wanting to advertise with The Joys of Being Paige! It is a ever growing blog, with readers now coming back nearly everyday!

If you would like to promote your small business/store, I can incorporate your product into a post with a special mention to your website. This would be great if you are looking for more readership or potential buyers. Send me an email, and I'm sure we can work together to publish something that would be beneficial to both of us.

If you are a fellow blogger looking to collaborate in a post, I would love to do one with you! There are so much possibilities when it comes to collaborations and I would love to take part in something with other bloggers as I see it as a great opportunity to become friends. However, I can't collaborate with everyone though, I will only accept similar content and similar amount of followers/pageviews so we each get a fair share of new readers.


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As of July 2014, any items that have been gifted, sent or given to me from a PR company in consideration for a product review or promotion, will be stated at the bottom of the post. I will always be 100% honest on any product I feature. Subsequently, any product I believe is no good, I either won't feature the product or I will write about why it has disappointed me, whichever is to the companies preference. I believe that my readers should trust what I have to say to aid them in whatever future purchase they may make.

If I happen to be paid to write a sponsored post, I will display at the bottom of the post.

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