Saturday, 23 September 2017

What Have I Been Reading Recently?

*this post was found in my drafts that I wrote a while ago and forgot about! A little outdated, but I still wanted to post it as there are some good books mentioned!*

For those who are new to this blog, you may not know I am a big fan of reading! I love settling down to bed with a book and cup of tea in hand for half an hour before I go to bed. Reading is something is that is really relaxing for me, and for those who feel the same way some of the following books might interest you too. I appreciate that not everyone likes reading, but even if you don't maybe you like the sound of some of my recently read.

Am I Normal Yet? 
This is a book that really opened up my eyes to what it is to live with anxiety and OCD, and made me appreciate it so much more. It's funny, heartfelt and an easy read. It covers all topics from first relationships to thoughts from anxiety sufferers, and me being a typical teenage girl fell in love with it.

Pride and Prejudice
To be honest, the only reason I am reading this is because it was set to read for an English assignment! It is a tricky read, due to the old language but it has been nice to concentrate on a book and really try to understand the purpose of the words instead of just briefly reading them. I am enjoying the storyline so far, and I think it definitely helped that I went to see a play production of it before I read this, which might be an idea for those interested. 

Listen To The Moon
Michael Morpurgo books tend to make me tear up with his emotional words, but this story seemed to stand out to me on the shelf. It is a really good mystery tale, and has the suspense building up until the very end. This is good for slow to advanced reader, and being an advanced reader myself I thoroughly enjoyed this! 

More Than This
This is another suspense book, which had me thinking until the very end. The book is very cleverly written which I enjoyed as it includes a series of flashbacks, current day and a constant danger which is my kind of book! This isn't a difficult book to read, however it is quite long so that might be something to consider if you don't like that kind of book.

What books have you been reading recently?

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