Saturday, 16 September 2017

Sound Intone Bluetooth Headphones Review

I've always been a earplug gal, maybe due to ease of use, or maybe due to my lack of ever owning some proper headphones, so when I decided to bite the bullet and buy some headphones for the first time lets just say I was pretty excited. These headphones are from Amazon (buy here), retailed for £17.99 and lets just say - I'm in love. They are white, rose gold and really cute which are obviously the most important quality of headphones, I know.

*Just linking the headphones to this post had me realising that they no longer sell the rose gold ones, but they do silver ones and other nice alternatives*

Seriously though, these headphones are amazing for what you get for the price. They have cushioned headphone parts (wow, Paige nice one) which mean they are really comfy around the ears, as well as having a adjustable head strap so you can adjust it to fit your own head. The sound quality is really great, and stays the same depending on whether you use the snazzy Bluetooth feature or the classic wired method. 

The Bluetooth mode is a lifesaver, they remind me of what the Apple AirPlugs would be like in headphone form, if I owned them aha! I connect them to my iPhone 7 with no issues at all, they connect really quickly and the sound quality is amazing. The range is also incredible - I can leave my phone upstairs and go downstairs with no issue for the majority of the house, it only starts to crackle at around 13m ish. The other connection method to your phone is a provided white aux cable, which I find so useful. You can also connect these headphones to the radio, but that is a mode I have yet to actually use aha! 

I am so pleased I bought these at such a bargain from Amazon! The delivery was super quick as well, and you get such good quality headphones for less than £20, which I think is amazing. In terms of durability, I have owned these for about 2 months now and they have been through travelling, heavy use and still are in tip top condition - whoo hoo! 

What headphones do you wear? Which ones do you recommend?


  1. I have always wanted adorable headphones but I've just never gotten to it. These are so cute!

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