Saturday, 30 September 2017

October Goals 2017

It's been months since I wrote a goals post, and after seeing so many inspirational ones flying round Bloglovin and my Blogger feed recently, I wanted to share my own goals for the upcoming month. I think it's so important to have goals to keep you motivated and help you continue to improve your life and self!

CREATE A BALANCE BETWEEN LIFE AND BLOG. One of the things I really struggled with in recent months is trying to blog and have a personal life at the same time. I stopped blogging to focus on GCSE's, but found myself getting unmotivated to continue after exams were over. It was all to do with pushing myself to get back at it, but it's only recently that I have been able to do so - and I'm feeling very happy to be back!

KEEP MAKING NEW FRIENDS. I hope to keep making friends and surround myself with positive and happy people, come Sixth Form. I've always been good at making friends, so I am enjoying making more at the moment. I'm was so excited to start, and already can't wait to share interests and passions with similar minded people - and learn aomething new from them!

HEALTH KICK. A typical goal, I know but I want to really keep on improving my health and wellbeing. Body confiidence issues have always been a major insecurity of mine, and I know I feel a lot healthier and happy when I make an effort to keep myself feeling good. I aim to start eating a lot cleaner, and I'm excited for the walks that I will have to do travelling between each campus at Sixth Form - hopefully these will refresh me a little and my body will enjoy the gentle exercise.

MAKE THE MOST OF EACH DAY. I always try to do this anyway, but as I am coming into two years of unfamilar education I want to better myself even more. I think it's so important to make sure to treat each day like it's your last, so to say, and make sure you are proud of what you have achieved. My plans are to plan and complete a to-do list each day, or something of equal importance like finishing an entire season of Friends - choice is yours ;)

What are your October goals?

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  1. I like really wanted to do a goals post this month but I kind of failed and it's like kind of annoying me. Haha. Awesome goals!


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