Sunday, 22 January 2017

3 Skincare Staples

When it comes to my skin, I like to keep things simple. I don't have problematic skin, so I find that I don't need to use many products to keep it looking fresh. Recently I have been using these three as a skincare combo and I find that they work really nicely together to keep my skin glowing and looking healthy.

This combo is also great for those on a budget, or have no money (ahem, me.) as they all are so ridiculously cheap. Bonus!

Soap and Glory Off Your Face 3-in-1 Daily Purifying Cloths - I'm all for buying the old cheap Simple wipes, but I think that these are worth the money for that extra care when removing makeup. I tend to use these every other night, with either Simple makeup wipes or Garnier Micellar Water for the others. I find this gently exfoliates whilst removing my makeup and is a great addition to any skincare collection.

Soap and Glory Vitamin C Facial Wash - can I just take a moment to say that this is amazing. I've tried so many facial scrubs since I started caring about skincare and this is hands down the best one I have tried. It's exfoliating yet gentle, and I enjoy using this on a daily basis. The recommendation is to use a grape sized amount and lather it into your face then rinse. I then pat my face dry so I don't pull on the skin.

Newtons Labs Spot Zapping Gel - I mentioned before that I don't suffer from problematic skin, but there was a time when I used to get quite bad spots around my time of the month. They weren't spots exactly, but angry red lumps which wouldn't go away for ages afterwards. I tried some expensive creams which didn't work at all (I'm talking to you Freederm), and it wasn't until my mum suggested this little gel that they completely went.

I picked this up in my local Home Bargains for something like £1.99, and it has honestly changed my life. I no longer suffer from the angry lumps, due to the fact I apply a thin layer of this to my nose, forehead and chin every night. For such a cheap price, this gel is a godsend.

What skincare staples do you recommend? 


  1. These all sound really nice! I've been wanting to try something from Soap and Gory, I've heard really good things about it ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  2. I've always wanted to try out the Soap and Glory face wash! x Great post! Nikita


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