Sunday, 28 February 2016

What's On My iPhone 5?

Before we start, can we take a minute to appreciate the fact these screenshots have full bars of WiFi, 100% battery and is exactly 17:45. Just me? Okay.

My iPhone is definitely something I use everyday. For social media, chatting with friends or school bus entertainment, I don't like being without it! That said, I think it is well due time I did a iPhone tour, and showed you some of the apps I use and enjoy.

These are the iPhone wallpapers I have currently on my iPhone. They are free, easily downloadable ones off Wonder Forest and they are so cute! The abstract one is currently my lockscreen, and the wild and free is my homescreen wallpaper. Now that I come to think about it, it would make sense to swap them round but that will be done at a later date!

Social Media.
Social media is a essential for me on my phone. I have a few social media apps; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. My Facebook and Snapchat are personal, so I will keep the names withheld for now, but my Twitter and Instagram are open to you to follow me if you would like. My favourite apps are Twitter and Snapchat, although Instagram is a close one too! Facebook is something I can take or leave, it is a little boring for me, haha!

Games are something that is really important for me as I have a 15 minute bus journey before my friends gets on the bus! The games I have downloaded are; 1010!, Dumb Ways To Die 2, Colour Switch and Doodle Jump. This may be only a few, but I only download my favourites, haha! These are all free from the App Store, which is an added bonus if you wanted to download them. If you have any games you recommend, please leave your recommendations below so I can play them too!

In the picture it only shows one app, which is Show My Homework. Show My Homework is something my school (and others around the world) use to set homework to students through the internet. The teachers set the homework online, and those without an internet connection get a print out copy of the homework, which just makes everything easier! I use this to keep track of all of my homework, and I find it a really useful app to have. The other app I have recently downloaded since these screenshots is an app called Quizlet which is super helpful for revising on the bus or at home. It gives you quizzes on all of your school subjects for all learning levels.

There are a couple of apps I have for blogging, aside from Instagram and Twitter (a mix of blogging and personal life, haha!) The first one is Bloglovin'. I use this to catch up on some of my favourite bloggers instead of viewing it on my computer. I find this app really easy to use on both mobile and computer, and its so useful for reading blog posts. I did have the Blogger app for a while, until I decided it was so rubbish I just got rid of it. The only reason I had it was to check my scheduled posts had gone up, so I decided to just bookmark my blog webpage onto my homescreen instead!

These are the apps I have on my phone but don't fit into a single category, haha! The first one is YouTube, as it technically isn't social media. I use this app when my laptop is charging or I can't be bothered to get out of bed - whoops! It is a decent app, and I like using it because it isn't that different to the desktop version!

The next app I like to use is Afterlight. This is the only paid app I have on my phone, and it is £0.79, which I find very reasonable for what it can do. I use this to edit iPhone pictures for photo diaries to upload to my blog as it has good editing features! As well as having a wide range of filters already included, there is the option to buy more filters if you desire for under a pound as well, but this isn't something I need.

I also like to use My Fitness Pal. I don't use this app regularly, I just like to keep track of what I have eaten in a day because otherwise I can get a bit carried away! I use this as a personal body journal of recording what exercise I have done, and what foods I have eaten to help me keep feeling positive about myself and my body.

Another editing/collage app is PicCollage. The main use of this app for me is to create a massive collage of screenshots of people for their birthdays! This is a free app, and it is so easy to create and edit collages for your loved ones.

What apps do you have on your phone?

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Photo Diary: Berlin

A couple of weeks ago I went on a school trip to Berlin as part of my History GCSE. It was a super fun and educational trip, and I have come away with some really nice memories with my friends and teachers! When arriving home, I found that I had taken quite a few photos and decided that I would share a photo diary like London with you all. Again, these photographs aren't super good quality but I hope you enjoy them nevertheless!

Have you ever been to Berlin?

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

How To Write Good Blog Posts

Before we get started, I don't claim to have the best blog, written content or photography by any means, however I do feel that during my time blogging I have gathered up enough knowledge as to what makes a good blog post. I thought I should mention that although I would like you to read the whole post through, remember to take these tips with a pinch of salt because blogging is a personal journey, and my ideas might not be the same as your own!

Plan out your post.
Before you even start to write out your blog post, it is always a good idea to have a rough idea as to what you are going to say and put across to your readers. You can write these plans in a notebook, but personally I don't bother as I prefer to let the post form itself while I am writing it! Think of a rough writing plan in your head, and I find this helps when forming the post into words.

Don't ramble. 
Hands up - I am guilty of this one! However, I think that making sure you don't go off on a tangent when writing your post is a great tip to follow. Although its a bit heart crushing to think, most readers aren't going to read every single word in your blog post if it is super long. Try to stick to the point of the blog post, and make sure you get the point across to your readers!

Don't limit yourself. 
This may be slightly contradicting my last point, but even though its best not to ramble, limiting your writing isn't good either. If your post is super brief and non-informative, your readers aren't going to get any benefit from it because they haven't learnt anything! Make sure the points you are making are informative enough that your readers know what you are on about, and can gain some knowledge into what you are saying.

Structure your writing.
If you tend to write in one massive block of text, perhaps try and break it up into smaller more manageable chunks for your readers. Little paragraphs look much more reader friendly than big paragraphs, and you may find people leave you more comments because they have read more of the post! Also, a good idea is to include bold or italic writing to draw your readers attention to certain parts of your blog post, like the main points on this post you are reading.

Read through your blog post at the end. 
Something not many bloggers do, including myself sometimes, is read through their post after writing it. I find reading through your post makes sure you haven't left any grammar or spelling mistakes. Also, if you read through your post then you are having an insight into what the reader is reading. I find this helpful, because then I can make customisations to my post to make it more interesting etc. If you get bored when reading your own post, what are your readers going to think?

How do you write your blog posts?

Saturday, 20 February 2016

How To Make Images Fade Out On Hover Gradually

I always find that some of the little CSS hacks you can add to your blogs template can sometimes make the world of difference to the overall aesthetic. I wanted to create a little coding series every week with some new CSS tips and tricks I have learnt over the years to help other people in designing their blogs! Many people have installed the rollover effect on their blog images, but often it can look harsh suddenly changing from opaque to translucent. This tutorial is to make your blog images gradually fade into translucent, which is much more soft and visually appealing!

Head over to your blogs dashboard, and then in the menu click on Template, then Customise.

You will have a screen that looks a little something like this; your blog at the bottom and a grey menu bar at the top. Now click on Advanced, and scroll down until you reach Add CSS. Your screen will look almost identical to mine now. Copy the following code, and paste it into the white box.

img {
opacity: 1.0;transition: opacity 1s ease-in-out;-moz-transition: opacity 1s ease-in-out;-webkit-transition: opacity 1s ease-in-out;}
a:hover img {opacity: .6;transition: opacity 1s ease-in-out;-moz-transition: opacity 1s ease-in-out;-webkit-transition: opacity 1s ease-in-out;}
 Click Apply To Blog, and you are done! You can view your changes after by clicking on View Blog.

Have you got any requests for future CSS tutorials?

Thursday, 18 February 2016

5 Places I Want To Travel To

The older I get, the more travelling I want to do. The idea of exploring different cultures and meeting people around the world really appeals to me, and although I could never live in another country than my family and friends, exploring the world on short holidays is something I really want to do someday. Bearing that in mind, here are the top 5 places I want to visit soon!

America is one of those places I would love to visit, and I am sure I would enjoy! I can imagine myself being a typical tourist and just take loads of pretty pictures. I think America is one of those places you almost have to visit at one point in your life, it's so iconic and talked about that it would be pretty impossible not to!

I don't know why, but I have always wanted to visit Greece since I first learnt about the Romans. It just really appeals to me with the aesthetics and general vibe of the place! The Colosseum is a place that has always fascinated me, and it would be great to visit it someday. I could just be getting over my head with the pretty Greece that is portrayed in images and films, but it just looks so pretty and serene.

One of my best friends visits India every year, and I love the stories she comes back with. She goes around India staying in different places every so often, and I think that it sounds a great way to explore the country. Sure, the holes in the ground for toilets don't sound as appealing as the culture, but I think you have to try everything!

I just came back from a school trip in Berlin, and after 5 days I would love to go back and explore the culture more. Since being on a scheduled trip, there was no time for exploration etc, so a trip to explore the country itself will be in order soon! Since living in the countryside, the city seems so cool to explore and gain experience from.

I have visited Spain before, but I was quite young so I can't really remember much about the holiday unfortunately! I do remember it being a fun one though, and I would love to go and explore the culture they have there and the local markets. Living in a cold and wet country, the sun certainly does appeal to me too, I'm not going to lie!

Where are your top 5 places to visit?

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

How To Organise Your Wardrobe

For those who know me, I am a bit of an organisational freak. I drive my best friends and family crazy with my funny little habits like having my pencil case all organised and my books in alphabetical order etc! I like to have my wardrobe organised too, in to sections and drawers which can really help me decide what to wear and pair with other clothing. I understand many people can see a daunting task, so I have put together a guide to help those trying to organise their wardrobe!

Just a sidenote, organising your wardrobe takes time - this should be done on a spare afternoon when you aren't doing anything!

Empty your existing wardrobe and sort items into three piles.
The first thing I do when sorting out my wardrobe is completely empty it. I take out everything from my underwear to my shoes, and give the wardrobe a quick clean - it's not going to get one in a while! It might also be a good idea to add scented sachets if your wardrobe is an old one - before I changed my furniture to white, I always liked to add the lavender sachets to my pine wardrobe to make it smell nice! 

I then sort everything into three piles; keep, sell, bin. Obviously, the keep pile are the clothes you wear often and still fit you etc. The sell pile contains clothing you don't really wear often and are in saleable condition - there are lots of Facebook 'Buy and Sell' groups you could sell clothes on, not to mention Ebay or Depop etc. My bin pile contains clothing I have worn to much it has got out of shape or very faded, or the clothing that is too small or too big for me! 

Plan out where clothing is going to go. 
Before you start to refill your wardrobe, I recommend you plan out where items are going to go. You may want to consider having a switch around where things are kept to make it easier to access. Plan out where you want everything to go, and you may find yourself some extra storage. Once you have planned out everything, why not invest in some compartments for your drawers etc. I have one for my underwear drawer to divide my socks, underwear and bras from each other so they are easier to access. 

Put items into appropriate place. 
Once I have decided where everything is going, I like to make sure everything is folded and turned the right way out and place or hang them into the appropriate section. In my 'tops' drawer, I then have organised it further into a Jumpers pile, a Fitness Gear pile, Short Sleeved pile etc, which makes it even easier to access. When it comes to jeans etc, I have organised them into dark to light which just makes it look prettier and neater on the shelf! Fiddle around with your items, place shoes in colour order on a shelf etc, until everything looks nice and organised. 

How do you organise your wardrobe?

Monday, 15 February 2016

Welcome To The New Site!

Hello, and welcome to the new site! I have spent today just completely redesigning this blog in hope it would make me more inspired and motivated to blog again, and I am so happy to say that it has. I feel much better about blogging, and I hope that I won't have another sizzle out again! I took a short break from blogging, not counting my pity ramble last week, and it has refreshed me so much.

I decided to go monochrome themed this time around, as it made it seem much more minimalistic and professional which is what I am loving at the moment! I finally said goodbye to the font I had had for several previous designs, I think it was Cantarell for those interested, and went for a more structured font. My images are bigger, the tabs are more spaced out and the page font has changed too.

I will be doing a bit of behind the scenes work for a few days, like updating the page photos now, and actually getting a recent photo up of me on my about page! I want to get posts scheduled in advance so I don't feel so overwhelmed and unorganised again anytime soon. I want to also improve and read through some of my old posts, so maybe take a look at those soon!

What do you think of the new site?

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

A Little Update.

Hello everyone! I wanted to post a little heartfelt post today, just to explain what it going on with my life at the moment, and more importantly, my blog. It's always important in my opinion to inform your readers on changes with your blog, physically or emotionally - I find it to be therapy in a way.

My posts lately have been crap. I haven't enjoyed writing them and I feel like I have just been posting 'quantity over quality' if I am honest. There is so much pressure to make my blog all I want it to be and provide content for you guys as well as keeping up my school work and social life. This is a problem many bloggers have when it comes to maintaining their online presence, and I am really in a blogging rut at the moment. The ideas aren't flowing, I hate my photography and I just feel unmotivated to write or do anything.

I love my blog to pieces, in fact I would go as far to say it is one of the best decisions I have made in my life as a hobby and interest - and I love everything about the blogging atmosphere. I am always loving new blogs to read and enjoy catching up on, and each of you that take the time to comment on my posts make my little heart go all fuzzy inside.

Something I never realised when I started my GCSE's was just how much is expected of you. KS3 was a breeze, and I loved every moment of it. Now, in KS4 the pressure has just upped it's game and come down with a bang on my shoulders. I'm not concerned about my grades, I work hard in my lessons and the results do pay off in assessments and exams. I'm not concerned with school life, I try to be nice to everyone, and in turn I do consider myself as popular and well liked by everyone in my school. What I am concerned about however, is the emotional stress I feel at the moment.

Blogging is my outlet, the place I can be myself and let the words flow out of me. Go back a few months, I was coming home from school and logging onto my blog and writing new posts for the week ahead - and I felt happy and organised. Flash forward to now, I have got myself stuck in a rut where I get home from school, have a snack, watch some T.V and start doing revision or homework for school. The change that has happened really gets to me, and makes me sad that I almost don't have enough time in a day to blog as well as everything else.

This post is my stream of consciousness, where I am just writing down anything that occurs to me when typing. It might not make sense, it could be a load of rubbish, but it's helping me think clearer so I'm going to carry on. I think what I am trying to get across to you reading is that I feel a bit overwhelmed with everything at the moment, and I don't think I will be able to get posts up exactly on my scheduled days. Some people could say to give up my schedule, but I would prefer to keep it in place to motivate me to blog more and continue my hobby.

I don't want to force myself to blog, as I have been lately, because that just makes me resent writing. I just wanted to say in short that if I don't post on a posting day for a a few days, I'm not giving up blogging, I'm not abandoning anyone, I just can't fit writing my blog and school work at the same time. I'm not writing this post out of pity, I just feel really bad and guilty that I haven't posted in a while and maybe after reading this post you can get some idea how I am feeling.

I'm your typical teenager who complains and overthinks things and doesn't share deep thoughts with many people, so this is just my way of letting the stress out. Please ignore this if you couldn't care less, I don't mind! I just need to post this for myself and hopefully I will get my life organised soon! This weekend I would love to take some photographs and plan posts for the next couple of weeks and take a step back and enjoy blogging again and balance the school life too but we will see how it goes. Thank you for being here, wherever and whoever you are, you all mean a lot to me and basically know more about my current mindset than some of the people I know in real life!

See you in my next post, 
Paige x

Thursday, 4 February 2016

January Favourites: Posts From Others

Hello everyone - just a quick post from me today, as I will be sharing my January Favourites, blog post edition! I had been loving all sorts of posts last month, so there should be something for everyone in the midst. I wanted to update you that I will be away for a few days, not that this will affect blogging as I should have posts scheduled (!), but my sister will be managing my blog whilst I am away!

Hope you enjoyed this months favourites!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

What To Consider When Designing Your Blog

Although there are lots of beautiful templates out there that you can pay or download for your blog, I always think designing your own template is a great way to express yourself and your brand through your blog! However, many people get confused or stuck when it comes to thinking about what they want their blog to look like, and hopefully I have created a guide for where to start when designing your blog, for the first time or another time!

Think about your HTML skills.
The first step to creating your own template for your blog is to assess your coding knowledge. Known as HTML, it is what creates your design and makes it look how you want it to. It sounds simple, but making sure you don't make out your coding abilities to be more than they are is the first step. I'm all for aiming high, but coding is one of those things where you either know it or you don't. Thankfully, there are loads of online tutorials to teach you everything you need to know, so a research of them is always a good thing.

Decide on a colour scheme.
Personally, this is a biggie. Your colour scheme should reflect your personality, however it should also be considerate to your readers and their preferences. Try sticking to a white, or neutral toned background and stick to two or three colours for the whole of your template. For me, the colour scheme is a pink, grey and black which is what works for me! If you want to inject more colour onto your blog, think about your photographs too, and inject some of your personality into them!

Create a 'mood'board.
Something I always find useful when I am stuck for blog design ideas is to hunt the internet and my favourite sites to create a design board of what I would want my site to look like. Some inspirations of mine are Maddy Cane, From Roses, Lynde Avenue and Bloomin Rouge. They all have a pretty pink and white style theme and personally I love it! Do your research on existing blog templates and use it as inspiration for your own.

Remember, don't ever copy anyones blog design or template because that isn't original at all. Just use other people's templates to help inspire you to create your own!

Your readers.
Although you are the focus of your blog, it is important to consider your readers in the blog designing too - after all, they are the ones who will be on your site! Run a reader survey, a poll on Twitter, or ask them for opinions when you design your site to make sure everyone is happy with your new design. A reader once said to me that my template was too white, so I tried to incorporate some more colours into my design so they could have a better reader experience. Little things like that make the world of difference!

What do you consider when designing your blog?