Tuesday, 2 August 2016

A Little Shopping Spree

Long time, no see! Apologies for my absence, I have no excuse at all bar the fact that I completely forgot to upload posts, oops... I figured everyone likes a little haul once in awhile, so I wanted to share some of the items I have bought over the past few weeks.

Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation - I picked this up as my other one was running out. It is in the shade 010 Light Porcelain, and its a great match for my skintone. I love this foundation because it blends really easily and gives a good, even coverage.

Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer - Again, my old one was running out so I wanted a top up! This is in the lightest shade again, 010 Ivory, and it blends lovely with the foundation. I like this because it isn't too bright so creates a natural looking coverage.

Rimmel London Natural Bronzer - I have yet to try this out, so I can't comment on its ability to blend well but it is in the shade 022. This was a free gift so I didn't purchase this but it looks quite red toned so I will see how it looks on then get back to you!

Seventeen Skin Wow! Concealer - Seventeen is a brand I have been wanting to buy a few products from in recent months, so I picked up this concealer. It was interesting because it can also be used as a highlighter which I think is great if you wanted to highlight your face features without it being too noticeable. I love the packaging also, isn't it pretty?

Seventeen Easy On The Eye Pallete - I saw this a while ago in Zoella's video of her recent buys and was intrigued so I eventually bought it. It has three different types of eyeshadow, all in gorgeous golds and pinks plus a eyeshadow primer which is a great addition!

Seventeen Blush Powder - This was a free gift for spending money on Seventeen, which was good! Its in the shade Nude, and whilst I didn't get to choose it it matches my skintone perfectly so it was a lucky addition! It blends nicely, so I am happy with it.

Avon Colour Correcting Pearls - Avon is a brand that I use quite often which I don't think is mentioned enough. I love Avons products, they are really high quality and look great on. I picked these up as a whim because I wanted to try out the whole new CC rage. So far, I'm impressed as they really even out my skintone in a natural way. I have very good skin (touch wood!) which I was concerned that it wouldn't make a difference but these help illuminate my skintone.

Have you bought any of these? What are your thoughts?

Hey! I wanted to add a little note onto this post to let you know about a collab I am doing with 3 other lovely girls called Blogirl. It will be up on Sanjana's blog soon, so I will link it when its posted but go show it some love! 


  1. These all sound lovely! Especially that palette ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. Thank you for stopping by Amy! x

  2. You picked up some lovely bits! The seventeen palette sounds amazing xx

  3. These products look gorgeous Paige! I use No7 foundation, but I may give the Rimmel London one a try once it runs out! Lovely post <3

    Lauren ♥ | Sincerely, Lauren Emily

  4. Looks like you bought some cool stuff! How much was your camera?
    ~ Rukiya

  5. I love all the products you got. I got some new makeup myself for back to school, and I love it so much. Have you tried Maybelline's Fit Me concealer? It is so incredible and comparable to Nars'. x


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