Sunday, 29 May 2016

Is It Better To Grow Up Now Than In The Past?

I wrote this speech for a assessment we were given in English, and I just wanted to share it with you. This post is slightly off topic, but it mentions some points that I would like to discuss with you that I couldn't quite word into a blog post! 

‘Is it better to grow up now than in the past’. It’s a tricky question to answer. At first, one needs to consider what past, or time period, one is talking about. Take the Ancient Romans for example, who lived in Britain 2,000 years ago. Life would have been very different back then from what is it now, considering lack of technology and knowledge. Different isn’t always a bad thing, but it is a contrast from the life we live in today, with issues such as equality and rights as humans.

The past could also be more recent events, say our parent’s youth and prime years, so to say. Although this time period is considered recent in light of history, for ourselves sitting here today this is the past before our existence. Our parent’s childhoods were so different to the lives we are living today, and yet not so. They faced many of the same issues we do, but as time has gone on these issues have become more extreme. Technology has advanced dramatically since their youth, and is still rapidly advancing as we speak. Many benefits have come with advancing technology; medical, social, education, but with all things positive there has to be some negatives to consider too.

Advances in technology has developed issues within the human race and its mental state. Social media now plays a major part in people’s lives, and young people especially find it difficult to be the idea of ‘perfect’ or keeping up with the trends. This is something our parents had to deal with, and dare I say even the Ancient Romans but as I mentioned earlier, maybe modern society has taken it to extreme. Of course, that is only a small element of social media as many people love it and use it to connect with people all over the world which is certainly a benefit to growing up in the present instead of in the past.

Although the major change in pressure from the past to the present is the increased use of social media, added pressure is also increasing from education. Education and school life has become undoubtedly harder than the past, and children are expected to know and learn more than they have before. There is a constant pressure to always do well in life, to have your life together and to know where you want to be which many children and adults find very daunting. The world is becoming so much more academic in all countries and people who never could have had the chance to learn before can now read and write, which is a considerable improvement to growing up in modern society.

Education is one right that people should be entitled to, but there are many others such as a right to equality, a right to freedom. Freedom is ever-growing in comparison to the past, what with the slave trade, servants, strong governments and racism equality. In terms of being able to do what you want, modern society has dramatically improved since the past.

However, there are limitations to modern freedom. The world has become so much more aware of social issues it is hard to say anything without someone becoming offended. Modern society, although being free in a certain aspect has many more limitations for everyone. Due to technology and other advances it becomes increasingly more difficult to keep things private and secure. This is down to issues such as misinterpretation and advancing spyware.

Modern society holds the most advanced health and medical care. Taking it back in time, when medical and health care was extremely limited and germs was virtually unknown knowledge, most people were rare to exceed childhood, let alone 30. Health care has improved the lives of so many, and the human race is enjoying the lives of so many people who earlier may have died from infectious diseases or dangerous circumstances.

‘Is it better to grow up now than in the past.’ I ask you again. Personally, I don’t know. We will never be able to make a solid decision about what generation it would be better to grow up in, as so many factors affect the outcome. The past holds the age of class, respect and separation between races and genders. The modern world holds the age of major terrorism, environment dangers and the world becoming obese. I’m not here to tell you which is better or worse, that is a decision to make for yourself, but something I will say is that we shouldn’t be wishing for things that is in the past, or hoping for a better future; we should be making the best of our lives today and making each day the best we can. I will leave you with a quote from Vivian Greene with ‘life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain’

What are your thoughts?

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Ways To Destress

Hi. Yes it is actually me, the blog owner who disappeared from this blog for almost a month - oops. My exams are not yet over, and I am still revising for some of my mock exams but I wanted to get into the swing of blogging again because to be honest I have missed it so much! I guess a part of me withheld starting again because I was stressed out about many things, and blogging just seemed to add to the pile! Nevertheless, I have started to relax a little and I am planning and writing a few posts this weekend in hope to schedule them for one a week at the moment and build up.

In terms of destressing, I wanted to share a few tips on how I liked to relax a little, in hope that it will help you readers have a bit of relaxation yourselves.

DO THE WORK. Procrastination has a way of making me stress out even more. When I need to do something, it rings in my mind constantly until it is done which is both a blessing and a curse. When you need to get something done, try to just get it over and done with as soon as possible, and it will make you feel so much better when the task is out of the way!

CLEAN YOUR WORKSPACE. Whether this be your bedroom, office or kitchen, cleaning and tidying your workspace is a great way to 'productively procrastinate' so to say. I always enjoy cleaning and tidying if I am honest as I hate my room being messy or unclean, but for those who see it as a drag it will all be worth it in the end because you will have a great place to do the work.

TAKE A BATH. When I am super stressed out I like to take a bath with some luxury bath products and just relax. Sometimes I bring a book in the bath with me, or watch YouTube videos on my phone until the bath goes cold (!) but I find baths almost a time-out from everyday life, and the stressful situations.

HANG OUT WITH FRIENDS. In a stressful situation, I find nothing is better than taking time to just hang out with friends. I like seeing my friends out of school, as its more fun for everyone to be out of the learning environment, haha! Catching up with my old friends as well is great, now we all don't go to the same school it is amazing to just chat about what we have all been up to!

How do you destress?