Monday, 15 February 2016

Welcome To The New Site!

Hello, and welcome to the new site! I have spent today just completely redesigning this blog in hope it would make me more inspired and motivated to blog again, and I am so happy to say that it has. I feel much better about blogging, and I hope that I won't have another sizzle out again! I took a short break from blogging, not counting my pity ramble last week, and it has refreshed me so much.

I decided to go monochrome themed this time around, as it made it seem much more minimalistic and professional which is what I am loving at the moment! I finally said goodbye to the font I had had for several previous designs, I think it was Cantarell for those interested, and went for a more structured font. My images are bigger, the tabs are more spaced out and the page font has changed too.

I will be doing a bit of behind the scenes work for a few days, like updating the page photos now, and actually getting a recent photo up of me on my about page! I want to get posts scheduled in advance so I don't feel so overwhelmed and unorganised again anytime soon. I want to also improve and read through some of my old posts, so maybe take a look at those soon!

What do you think of the new site?


  1. The new layout looks great!
    I was just wondering how you design your page?
    I'm alright with coding, getting better slowly but I don't really understand it in terms of designing a blog page where posts are inserted in to them. You really seem to be a wizz at all this and I've really appreciated your posts with CSS tips in them, they're amazing!
    I don't know if what I'm asking actually makes sense but I would love some help! haha!
    My twitter is @Sylvia_Carlyle if you want to message me on there or anything, commenting over and over on posts can be a bit long!
    But anyway! I really like your new layout! Hope you're feeling happier with your blog, I've missed your posts! xx

    1. Hello Sylvia! I will help you in any way I can - I will pop over to Twitter now. Thank you for your kind words, I have missed blogging too! x

  2. Aw I love the new layout! I can't wait to see more posts from you! Xxx

  3. I love the clean, simplistic design you went for. It totally fits your blog's content and you. :) Can't wait to start reading your new posts!

    Aliah | Indigo Ink

    1. Thank you Aliah! You are just too kind! x


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