Thursday, 14 January 2016

How I Organise My Diary

Since starting the new year, I have made a conscious effort to become more organised and more aware of what I am doing with my life and part of that was buying a new diary. Now, despite the fact I like the idea of being one of those people who are like - Oh, am I free next Saturday? Wait, let me check the diary! - becoming more organised is something that I have wanted to do for quite a while but couldn't quite break out of the routine of laziness. 2016 is the year I would like to become more independant and for me, organising my life is the way to do that!

I picked up my diary from Sainsburys, I did have a look on Paperchase and other good stationery websites but I couldn't find anything I liked the look of! This was a bargain though, it is usually £8 but I got it for £4 on a sale they were having. It is absolutely perfect for me, it has enough space for me to write my daily tasks and to-do lists, and having lots of sections to write different information on. I like a big enough diary to write comfortably in, but I also like to carry it around so this is the perfect size!

I start off organising my diary by planning my week ahead, typically on a Sunday night. I don't know why, but this prepares me for what I have to do and what is coming up in the week so I can get ready for it. For example, I usually plan what nights I will revise and what nights I have after school clubs so I can get my equipment ready!

There is a birthday section in the back of the diary, so I list peoples birthdays off the top of my head down there! If someone tells me what date their birthday is, then I will jot it down in the appropriate section so I won't forget to buy them a card or a present. This makes me feel so much relaxed knowing I won't be the one who awkwardly says they have left the present at home...

The planner has a day to day view, so I list everything I need to do in it and things I need to remember. I also list things that I need to pass on to other people, such as some school dates to my mum or a piece of homework that my friend was absent in etc. This helps me remember important things so I don't look like an idiot when the occasion actually rolls around!

Finally, there is a notes section at the back of my diary which I use for my birthday wishlist and blog post ideas! I did try having two separate notebooks for my blog planning, but I found myself just using my diary instead because it was just so much easier! I just jot down any ideas that I have and could produce into blog posts, and I will flick through when I am writing and photographing blog posts!

How do you organise your diary?


  1. Lovely post! I am a sucker for this kind of post! I am thinking of getting a personal planner and planning my week ahead on a Sunday!!! Xx

    1. Thank you Nicole! Hope your planning goes well! x

  2. I just love having a new diary!! So nice to get organised! x

  3. Such a steal! I didn't know Sainbury's did planners like that, I would have picked one up from there if I'd known!
    I still haven't got a planner yet.. Just goes to show how organized I am lol x
    Minae ♥ MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!

    1. I was surprised too - I'm going again next year for sure! x

  4. I also start off by jotting down all the people's birthdays I can think of! I use a moleskine planner and on the left side it's the days of the week, and on the right side it's just plain ruled paper. I love it because it's like half notebook, half planner, and I can write down to-do lists as well. :)

    Samantha Series

  5. You're so organized and prepared, Paige (something I'm working on!!)! Do you prefer to keep your diary simple and clean, or do you decorate with stickers and such?


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