Sunday, 3 January 2016

Blogs I Have Been Loving Recently #4

I know I started the last edition of this series with the same message, but it has been so long since my last blog favourites update! I suppose it has been up to my creature of habit nature surfacing, and I haven't been on the lookout for any new blogs.

I never know what type of blogs I enjoy reading until I find one, so I am on the hunt for some new blogs I will enjoy for the new year - if you have any of your favourites you would be willing to share, please leave them down below!

Milk Bubble Tea. This is a blog I used to follow and recently have come back to loving all over again! Becky runs a beautiful lifestyle blog which covers everything from her cute dachshund to her interior updates, which I love! Her posts are heartfelt and thought out, and her photographs are lovely to look at too!

Chloe Larkin. I have been following Chloe for quite a while now, but I don't think I have ever mentioned her before! Chloe is teenage blogger with the most beautiful and cute minimalistic blog ever. It might just be due to us both being teenagers, but her posts are so relatable and interesting for me to read, and I always find myself lusting for more!

Kate La Vie. Formally gh0stparties, Kate has a beautiful blog which I love reading. I like her blog due to her lifestyle and beauty updates which are always accompanied with gorgeous photos and well thought out content. She has been decorating her house lately, which I cannot wait to read more about this year!

This Is Allure. Sinead relaunched her blog a couple of days ago, and already I can't wait for her next post. Her old blog name was Fashion and Beauty Tribes, and I love the new updates and blog design. She is mostly a beauty and lifestyle blog; again maybe due to similarities in age her posts really interest me and I can relate to many of them!

Maddy Cane. I discovered Maddy's blog a while back too, and it is a beautiful blog to read on a Sunday afternoon! She has gorgeous photos, and her content is smooth and enjoyable to read. I love catching up on her latest posts, and her Instagram feed is just amazing! Maddy is mostly a beauty blogger, but I think I remember her saying she would like to open up into more lifestyle and baking content too!

Do you like any of these blogs?


  1. This post came just in time! I was just looking for some new blogs to read this year. Thank you so much for sharing these links.

    1. I am so glad you have found some new blogs to read! We are exactly the same, I am looking for some new reads this year too! x

  2. Kate La Vie is one of my favs. So excited to hear that she'll be making more videos in the new year as well!

    Katherine || The Green Bows


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