Sunday, 31 January 2016

Favourite Songs of January

Its no secret that I love music - I listen to it when I get home from school, on the way to clubs and on long distance travelling. I downloaded Spotify over the winter holidays, from a recommendation of my friend, and my mum is grateful I no longer need to buy all of my music off iTunes! I thought I would share some of my favourites with you, so maybe you can download them or listen to them yourself.

Coming Home // Sigma feat. Rita Ora
Back To December // Taylor Swift
You Don't Own Me // Grace
Stitches //Shawn Mendes
All My Friends // Snakehips
Ex's and Oh's // Elle King
Love Yourself // Justin Bieber
Eyes Shut // Years and Years
Take Me Home // Jess Glynne

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

How To Auto Size Your Photographs On Blogger

Something that so many bloggers don't do, but need to, is automatically resize their blog photos to fit the post area width. It is honestly so easy, and I just thought I would write a quick little tutorial as my Tuesday post so people could adjust their blog if need be!

To begin with, make sure you retain your image quality by making your images back to their original size. Head to Posts // *Post You Want* // Click on Your Image // Select Original Size. Sure enough, for most photographs this will make them super blown up and big on your post editor, however it changes itself to the right size afterwards. This step is just to make sure the image doesn't lose any of its quality during the process.

Next, head over to Template // Customise // Advanced // Add CSS and add the following piece of code.

.post-body img {
max-width: 100%;
max-height: auto;
display: block;
margin: auto; 
 If you wanted to remove the shadow and border Blogger adds to every image, just add the following code beneath the above one.

box-shadow: none;
border: none;
padding: 0px; 
 I hoped this helped - please leave any questions down below and I will do my best to help you!

Sunday, 24 January 2016

How To Make 2016 Your Year

It may be approaching the end of January, but I don't think it is too late to make changes to your lifestyle to make sure 2016 is the year you feel happier, healthier and more relaxed. I have attempted to make a few lifestyle changes myself which have made me so much happier, and I thought I would share them with you!

Remove negative people.
Negative people have a massive impact on me, if I am around a negative person I become negative too. Luckily, I have a positive and happy group of friends who always cheer each other up (I love you all, if you are reading this!) but I know from experience that sometimes you can get caught up in a friendship group that, although might not mean to, puts you down. It can be hard to, especially depending on your relationship with that person, but removing or distancing yourself from the negative people in your life really makes a difference on your mental wellbeing.

Try something new. 
It's so easy to get caught up in the same routine from day to day, so this year I am trying to try doing things I wouldn't normally. I would like to commit myself to some clubs and strive to achieve rewards that I wouldn't have previously. I am volunteering for my Duke of Edinburgh award, and I am umpiring some of the younger years at netball with some of my friends. Small changes I know, but I really enjoy doing them!

Become more organised. 
I wrote about how I organise my diary here, but I am making an effort to become more organised with my school work and revision etc. School is important to me, I would like to become a magazine editor in the future but I really would like to do well in all of my exams come next year so I am just revising each night so I don't have so much pressure in Year 11. Some may think this is silly, but I would like to be prepared, haha!

What changes are you making come this year? 

Sunday, 17 January 2016


Hello everyone! I scheduled all of the past weeks posts last Sunday, so it feels like I haven't posted in ages - the weird feeling of becoming organised! I haven't been so organised this Sunday, so I just thought I would write a little update post as I don't remember having done one in quite a while!

I got my hair cut yesterday! I have had the longest hair for years, my hair was below boob length, and I fancied a change. I started thinking about this last October, and I finally have had the big chop! It is now just above my shoulders and I couldn't be happier that the long hair has gone. I think when you go so long with the same hairstyle you get bored of it, at least I do! My hair feels so much healthier and easier to manage already and I can't stop running my fingers through it in happiness...

On Tuesday, I think I am due to get my train track braces! Being almost 15, getting braces is quite late now but my previous dentist wanted to wait until I was 16 until I started having work on my teeth, so I would pay. Since moving dentist, my teeth are so much better and I feel much better within myself. I have had teeth removed and an overbite cleared - all I have left is a small gap to close and my teeth will be perfect - so excited! 

I went for a walk today with some family friends and their dogs. It was so nice to see Archie and Honey play and walk with them - at one point it started snowing! Unfortunately it didn't stick, but the fun times we had chatting and watching the dogs play made up for it. The photo above is from that walk actually, I thought the woods looked really pretty!

What have you been up to lately?

Thursday, 14 January 2016

How I Organise My Diary

Since starting the new year, I have made a conscious effort to become more organised and more aware of what I am doing with my life and part of that was buying a new diary. Now, despite the fact I like the idea of being one of those people who are like - Oh, am I free next Saturday? Wait, let me check the diary! - becoming more organised is something that I have wanted to do for quite a while but couldn't quite break out of the routine of laziness. 2016 is the year I would like to become more independant and for me, organising my life is the way to do that!

I picked up my diary from Sainsburys, I did have a look on Paperchase and other good stationery websites but I couldn't find anything I liked the look of! This was a bargain though, it is usually £8 but I got it for £4 on a sale they were having. It is absolutely perfect for me, it has enough space for me to write my daily tasks and to-do lists, and having lots of sections to write different information on. I like a big enough diary to write comfortably in, but I also like to carry it around so this is the perfect size!

I start off organising my diary by planning my week ahead, typically on a Sunday night. I don't know why, but this prepares me for what I have to do and what is coming up in the week so I can get ready for it. For example, I usually plan what nights I will revise and what nights I have after school clubs so I can get my equipment ready!

There is a birthday section in the back of the diary, so I list peoples birthdays off the top of my head down there! If someone tells me what date their birthday is, then I will jot it down in the appropriate section so I won't forget to buy them a card or a present. This makes me feel so much relaxed knowing I won't be the one who awkwardly says they have left the present at home...

The planner has a day to day view, so I list everything I need to do in it and things I need to remember. I also list things that I need to pass on to other people, such as some school dates to my mum or a piece of homework that my friend was absent in etc. This helps me remember important things so I don't look like an idiot when the occasion actually rolls around!

Finally, there is a notes section at the back of my diary which I use for my birthday wishlist and blog post ideas! I did try having two separate notebooks for my blog planning, but I found myself just using my diary instead because it was just so much easier! I just jot down any ideas that I have and could produce into blog posts, and I will flick through when I am writing and photographing blog posts!

How do you organise your diary?

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

3 New Reads

If you are a regular reader here on The Joys of Being Paige, you will know that I made a pact to myself to get back into reading in the New Year. A couple of weeks in, I am loving reading more and I really enjoy getting comfortable in my bed with a good book! I wanted to share my favourite of the books I have read so far, these ones are part of the book bundle I recieved for Christmas and are some of my new favourites to read.

I'll Give You The Sun. I looked at this in Waterstones a couple of months ago when shopping with my mum, and vowed to pick it up at a later date but due to my nature of forgetfulness, I didn't! My mum picked it up for me for Christmas, and I have just finished reading it. I won't say too much about it as I might ruin the plot, but it is about a pair of twins relationships through love for each other and others. 

More Than This. This is another present from Christmas, and I am currently reading this now. So far, it seems a good book and I am enjoying settling down with this in the evenings! As I have only just started it, I can't give much information; but so far I am thinking its about the reality of the afterlife.

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit. I haven't started this yet, but I can't wait to start reading it! I may sound really morbid, but one of my favourite subject matter to read and learn about is the world wars as I find it really interesting to learn about. I love books like Anne Frank and Goodnight Mr Tom, so I am sure I will like this one too!

What are your recent reads?

Sunday, 10 January 2016

How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

Now, I am not going to lie about the fact this post has probably been written, published and deleted 3 times. Why, you ask me? Well, I have no idea; it was probably the fact that I thought a post on how I was my makeup brushes was too beauty related for a lifestyle blog! However, I have eventually decided to post another one and with any luck, it will stay!

Before I begin, I have to say that is is very important that you do wash your makeup brushes due to hygiene reasons. I wash mine every week as I wear makeup everyday, and it can vary depending on person to person. It is advised to wash your makeup brushes as when you apply makeup you are covering the bacteria and pores on your face with product, therefore transferring all of the icky stuff onto your brush. The more you use your makeup brushes, the more bacteria gets on them and each time you apply your makeup the old bacteria is passed onto your skin. This is the reason for breakouts and odd spots appearing on your face if your makeup brushes haven't been washed.

My cleaning routine is really simple; all I do is grab a bowl and add warm water, a little bit of fairy liquid, the tiniest amount of vegetable oil and leave my brushes to soak for about a minute. The oil stops the brushes from becoming dry and brittle. After this, I just swirl the brush on my hand until all of the makeup is off and just wash off the soapy mixture with some warm water. Then, I just leave them to dry overnight on a towel with the brush facing down!

How do you wash your makeup brushes?

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Blogging Goals For 2016

A few changes have perhaps happened since the last time you visited The Joys of Being Paige, and I do hope you like them! I fancied a change for the New Year, but I don't currently have the patience and the time to completely redesign my blog so I new colour scheme, header and switch up was enough for now.

Even though I am a bit unsure on what my feelings are towards New Year's resolutions; I thought I would share with you my blog goals for this year as you can help me achieve them! This post hopefully will be a little reminder of what I hope to achieve this year and spur me on to keep on pushing with this space on the internet.

2016 is the year I am going to seriously push with my photography. I have always been a fan of photography and capturing memories, but this year I am feeling super pumped to make my photographs more professional and hopefully create a style that people can recognise as my own. I am hoping to buy Photoshop this year, as I think this will really take my photographs to the next level!

I know I have been saying this for quite a while, in fact I do believe it was on my last years goals for 2015, but I feel that I have enough of an audience to purchase my own domain. I ran a Twitter poll the other night to see who liked my name and I got 100% yes, so I am going to keep it! It has always seemed a cute name for me, and I am so glad you like it as well. If you don't want to miss out on votes like this again, why not follow me on Twitter?

I would love to start cheap advertising slots or a professional button swap as well this year, as I want to feature other bloggers on this space as it can get a bit lonely blogging on my own! Hopefully this will build up blogger friends and grow my little corner of the internet! Would anyone be interested in this?

The last thing I hope to achieve is working with some brands or collaborating with other small bloggers. I am so bad at admin and replying to emails etc, so this is going to be a focus for this year so I could work with some great businesses and provide you with some new type of content! This isn't a major on my list at the moment, but it would be nice to consider!

What are your 2016 goals?

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Blogs I Have Been Loving Recently #4

I know I started the last edition of this series with the same message, but it has been so long since my last blog favourites update! I suppose it has been up to my creature of habit nature surfacing, and I haven't been on the lookout for any new blogs.

I never know what type of blogs I enjoy reading until I find one, so I am on the hunt for some new blogs I will enjoy for the new year - if you have any of your favourites you would be willing to share, please leave them down below!

Milk Bubble Tea. This is a blog I used to follow and recently have come back to loving all over again! Becky runs a beautiful lifestyle blog which covers everything from her cute dachshund to her interior updates, which I love! Her posts are heartfelt and thought out, and her photographs are lovely to look at too!

Chloe Larkin. I have been following Chloe for quite a while now, but I don't think I have ever mentioned her before! Chloe is teenage blogger with the most beautiful and cute minimalistic blog ever. It might just be due to us both being teenagers, but her posts are so relatable and interesting for me to read, and I always find myself lusting for more!

Kate La Vie. Formally gh0stparties, Kate has a beautiful blog which I love reading. I like her blog due to her lifestyle and beauty updates which are always accompanied with gorgeous photos and well thought out content. She has been decorating her house lately, which I cannot wait to read more about this year!

This Is Allure. Sinead relaunched her blog a couple of days ago, and already I can't wait for her next post. Her old blog name was Fashion and Beauty Tribes, and I love the new updates and blog design. She is mostly a beauty and lifestyle blog; again maybe due to similarities in age her posts really interest me and I can relate to many of them!

Maddy Cane. I discovered Maddy's blog a while back too, and it is a beautiful blog to read on a Sunday afternoon! She has gorgeous photos, and her content is smooth and enjoyable to read. I love catching up on her latest posts, and her Instagram feed is just amazing! Maddy is mostly a beauty blogger, but I think I remember her saying she would like to open up into more lifestyle and baking content too!

Do you like any of these blogs?

Friday, 1 January 2016

Thoughts On 2016.

I'm currently sitting here on New Years Eve, just wondering what this next year is going to bring. It's always quite scary to think that you have lived for another 365 days, and you are another year older and wiser. So much is going to happen in this next year already; without even thinking about the surprises and the unknown occasions I have yet to discover. I will turn 15 in March; I will complete my mock exams, I will do...

Sometimes, that is the question. To figure out what to do. There are so many things that I, along with countless amount of other people, wish to do with their life; but when it comes to achieving it we draw to a halt.

There is a pressure to always achieve your new year's resolutions; because that is human nature. To dominate and see ourselves as successes is all part of our life cycle - and there is no way of denying that. As a human race, we have conquered so many obstacles that stand in our way, and we are proud of those and continue to celebrate for years to come.

However. nobody seems to remember or celebrate the losses. Human nature has led us to believe that losing is a sign of weakness, a reminder that you are unworthy. When coming to make new year's resolutions, people tend to choose easy ones they know they have a capability of achieving.

I want people to choose things that are challenging them. I want people to choose things that others think they won't succeed on; and they actually do, because in my eyes that is the real definition of success. Everybody thought Charles Darwin was a joke - he wasn't. Jennifer Lawrence, Katy Perry, Tom Cruise were all put down through their childhood due to their ambition - and look where they are now.

I don't really know where I am going with this post - it is just a random little thought moment I have going on right now. I guess what I am trying to say is don't lessen your ambition to seem achievable, because if you believe you can, you can do anything. Set yourself goals that you can achieve within your life, the reward will be worth it.

All the best for the new year, Paige x