Sunday, 21 August 2016

How To Make Soy Wax Candles

In case you didn't know, I love candles. Whenever I am going to shops or craft fairs, I look out for candles and such like to purchase for my room, the disadvantage being of course that candles are quite pricy. I saw some soy wax candles being sold for £10 each so I was intrigued to do a bit of research to find out why soy wax candles are so expensive. Turns out, they are incredibly easy to make and cheap to purchase the ingredients.

Soy wax candles are supposedly one of the best type of candles to make as they burn cleaner, longer and without producing black soot like the paraffin candles do. They also 'throw scent' further than other candles so are nicer to smell. You can read more here. I purchased all of the ingredients off Amazon for less than £20 with free delivery (which arrived in a couple of days) so I was a happy bunny! I've linked all of the products I used so you can use the same if you desire.

What You Will Need:

Cups/Jars to hold your candle

*Wax flakes are reccomended as they melt easier and smoother. 
**I linked the 200mm ones I bought, as it is easy to cut the wicks down so it gives flexibility on height of candle jar. 
***I linked the Lavender scent, however there are SO many other fragrances. I have Lavender, Fresh Linen, Gingerbread and Jasmine as my starter scents and they all smell lovely. Make sure you pick the 10ml to start off with as they are less than £2 and you don't need a lot to have your desired scent!


Stick your wick to the centre-bottom of your candle cup/jar. The ones I have linked above have metal bottoms so it makes sticking them down so much easier! I used superglue to do this which worked really well, but don't use a hot glue gun as the hot wax will melt the glue when its poured in and the wick will fall out of place.  

Fill your jar up with the amount of wax flakes you need, then repeat this process. This is because the wax will reduce by half when you melt it so you want enough wax to be in your candle! Put the wax flakes into a glass bowl and melt it over some boiling water on the stove. Alternatively you could melt it in the microwave but this method is safer as you don't want you wax boiling.

After the flakes have all melted remove from heat and wait a few minutes for the wax to cool down slightly. This means that the wax won't crack when it sets in your candle jar. After a few minutes have passed and the wax is still in liquid form, add your fragrance oil. I used about 10 drops for my candle and it was quite strong so adjust this for your scent.

Stir this round and pour into your candle jar. The wick will start to bend so position two pencils/pens either side of the wick to keep it in a straight line and then leave for 24 hours to set. The wax will look set in about 30 minutes so you can remove the pencils then but leave it to set fully before burning.

Enjoy your candle!

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Reader Survey 2016

Roll up, roll up its reader survey time! It's been ages since I last held a reader survey and I have so many more readers than before who might have not had the chance to express their opinions on The Joys of Being Paige. I would love, love, love it if you could spare a couple of minutes to fill in this survey and be as honest as you can because all I want to do is provide a blog which you and I both love!
Thank you in advance! xx

Thursday, 4 August 2016

What I Am Listening To Currently

This post isn't really a proper post, its more of a update for those interested to read what sort of songs I like listening to. I love music, so I wanted to share some of my favourite songs with you to see if you share any of my interests! 

When You Love Someone - James TW
One Dance - Drake
Send My Love (To Your New Lover) - Adele
Dancing On My Own - Calum Scott
We Don't Talk Anymore - Selena Gomez and Charlie Puth
Same Old Love - Selena Gomez
This Is What You Came For - Calvin Harris and Rihanna
Treat You Better - Shawn Mendes
i hate u, i love u - gnash and Olivia O'Brien
Tears - Clean Bandit and Louisa Johnson
Alarm - Anne-Marie

Do you like any of these songs?

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

A Little Shopping Spree

Long time, no see! Apologies for my absence, I have no excuse at all bar the fact that I completely forgot to upload posts, oops... I figured everyone likes a little haul once in awhile, so I wanted to share some of the items I have bought over the past few weeks.

Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation - I picked this up as my other one was running out. It is in the shade 010 Light Porcelain, and its a great match for my skintone. I love this foundation because it blends really easily and gives a good, even coverage.

Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer - Again, my old one was running out so I wanted a top up! This is in the lightest shade again, 010 Ivory, and it blends lovely with the foundation. I like this because it isn't too bright so creates a natural looking coverage.

Rimmel London Natural Bronzer - I have yet to try this out, so I can't comment on its ability to blend well but it is in the shade 022. This was a free gift so I didn't purchase this but it looks quite red toned so I will see how it looks on then get back to you!

Seventeen Skin Wow! Concealer - Seventeen is a brand I have been wanting to buy a few products from in recent months, so I picked up this concealer. It was interesting because it can also be used as a highlighter which I think is great if you wanted to highlight your face features without it being too noticeable. I love the packaging also, isn't it pretty?

Seventeen Easy On The Eye Pallete - I saw this a while ago in Zoella's video of her recent buys and was intrigued so I eventually bought it. It has three different types of eyeshadow, all in gorgeous golds and pinks plus a eyeshadow primer which is a great addition!

Seventeen Blush Powder - This was a free gift for spending money on Seventeen, which was good! Its in the shade Nude, and whilst I didn't get to choose it it matches my skintone perfectly so it was a lucky addition! It blends nicely, so I am happy with it.

Avon Colour Correcting Pearls - Avon is a brand that I use quite often which I don't think is mentioned enough. I love Avons products, they are really high quality and look great on. I picked these up as a whim because I wanted to try out the whole new CC rage. So far, I'm impressed as they really even out my skintone in a natural way. I have very good skin (touch wood!) which I was concerned that it wouldn't make a difference but these help illuminate my skintone.

Have you bought any of these? What are your thoughts?

Hey! I wanted to add a little note onto this post to let you know about a collab I am doing with 3 other lovely girls called Blogirl. It will be up on Sanjana's blog soon, so I will link it when its posted but go show it some love! 

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

A Zoella Bath

To be honest, I have never been into the whole YouTube hype thing. I watch YouTube videos non stop, however when they release products I'm not that fussed really, and tend to wait to see if they are any good. When Zoella introduced her new 'Sweet Inspirations' range, I was however intrigued. The packaging looked gorgeous, and however shallow I am for saying this but I knew it would match my bedroom perfectly!

I was pleasantly surprised with the overall quality of the products and the way they have been thought about. The bath salts have a sweet scent, labelled macaron which is quite subtle yet still nice to add into the bath. The packaging is great too, and the bag comes with a reseal sticker so the salts stay as fresh as possible. 

The bath milk smells like honey and vanilla I think personally, and smells really nice! Again, the packaging is so cute as it looks like a milk bottle, and is a good size too like a shampoo bottle. The bottle is made out of a flexible plastic which is great news for me as the bottle won't break if I drop it - this has been known to happen far more than I would like to say! 

Finally, the fizz bar. I haven't yet opened this, but other people say it smells like Lush as you walk in which I'm not complaining about! The squares do feel quite small, but I don't use a lot of products in my bath anyway so this is perfect for me. 

Have you tried any of the Zoella range? 

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Why Work Experience Is A Great Thing

I've just finished a week's worth of work experience at a primary school and I have to say it was one of the best experiences of my life. I know, I know that is a bold statement but I cannot think of another way to explain it.

Before I went to my work experience, I honestly had no idea what I wanted to be. Journalism sounded like a promising idea, although I was also toying with the idea of becoming a teacher. I knew I didn't want to become secondary level, but primary was quite appealing. The thought of setting the foundations of young people's lives, and making a real impact on their childhood sounded like something I really wanted to do, and therefore I applied to a primary school.

I was nervous, but I tried not to let that show! I arrived and immediately I was made welcome which was a massive relief. I was told I would be in with the Reception years (to those who don't know the English grading system, the children were aged between 4-5 years old) which I was really happy about because they are so cute! I was introduced to the children, and being called 'haige' by some children melted my heart aha!

The whole week was great, I learnt so much that I can apply to my everyday life. I read to the children, joined in with their playtime, helped them with their work, and made friends with them. Even in the short time I was there, I could see the impact that I made on individuals which was lovely to see. They were all so sweet, and made me a card for when I left which they all signed.

I was surprised to see how mature they were for children so young. Something I was scared about is experiencing a manic house filled with snotty, crying children but they were all so sweet and friendly I loved every minute.

If you are considering becoming a teacher or a job involving children, I seriously recommend you go to a primary school. I left knowing that primary teaching is something that is something I am seriously going to consider becoming in my later life. It has given me a genuine insight into the world of work as I had responsibility in the school and I wasn't treated like an outsider. It was one of the best weeks in my life and I was sad to leave!

What do you want to become when you are older? 

Monday, 11 July 2016

Summer Party For One - And Dog

Sunday evening proved to be a very warm, relaxing evening for those in the UK and got me in the spirit to make a mini summer party for myself while scrolling through social media. Seeing as my family were busy doing other 'family stuff', Archie decided to join me because Honey was sleeping. Talk about family rejects, aha!

To make a fruit bowl, I just cut up all of the fruit that I had chosen to include (I chose fruits that dogs could eat too!) and cut it all up. The fruit bowl was delicious and Archie and I had a lovely snack. I also bought out some bread sticks and hummus which was a nice savoury snack to compliment the fruit.

The leftover fruit I used to make a smoothie which turned out delicious! I blended them all together and added some apple juice to make it a smoother and thinner consistency. I placed it into the fridge overnight and drank it the next morning for my breakfast.

I used my Instax to take some cute shots of Archie, and if you do this party with friends this would be such a cute idea to keep memories and happy times in the form of a polaroid.

Will you have a summer party?

Sunday, 3 July 2016

4 New Reads

A method of relaxation for me, aside from watching countless amounts of YouTube videos and settling down for a new episode of Love Island, anyone else watching that? I'm currently obsessed :), I like to do a spot of reading. I went shopping a couple of days ago with my Nanny and naturally I had to have a little look in Waterstones! To my delight they had a 'buy one get one half price' deals on, which I was very happy to see! I picked up 4 new books, and thought I would share my initial thoughts before I read them.

This book is about a popular, teenage girl whose face was burnt off in a electrical fire. She ends up getting a face transplant, and the book is all about the mental and physical struggles she goes through to deal with such a change. Of course, the book is all hypothetical but it really sucks the reader in to find out what happens next. One to be read soon.

If I Was Your Girl.
A slightly different subject matter for me, as this book is about transgenders and the struggles of finding social ground in a very judgmental world. If I Was Your Girl centers around Amanda, who previously was known as Andrew. Amanda settles into a new school in a new state with her new body, but soon her old past is brought up.

When We Collided.
The starter impression of this book is a teenage love story, but both boy and girl have issues within themselves. I have read the first chapter of this one, and so far I am really enjoying it! It bases around Vivi and Jonah, and the characters are really well written and thought about.

The Island.
This book was a little difficult to get into for me personally, but then picks up and really becomes a fantastic read. This reminds me a little of We Were Liars (don't take that as an exact replica) in the way it withholds information until the very end and keeps the reader guessing throughout the whole book.

Do any of these books interest you? 

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Is It Better To Grow Up Now Than In The Past?

I wrote this speech for a assessment we were given in English, and I just wanted to share it with you. This post is slightly off topic, but it mentions some points that I would like to discuss with you that I couldn't quite word into a blog post! 

‘Is it better to grow up now than in the past’. It’s a tricky question to answer. At first, one needs to consider what past, or time period, one is talking about. Take the Ancient Romans for example, who lived in Britain 2,000 years ago. Life would have been very different back then from what is it now, considering lack of technology and knowledge. Different isn’t always a bad thing, but it is a contrast from the life we live in today, with issues such as equality and rights as humans.

The past could also be more recent events, say our parent’s youth and prime years, so to say. Although this time period is considered recent in light of history, for ourselves sitting here today this is the past before our existence. Our parent’s childhoods were so different to the lives we are living today, and yet not so. They faced many of the same issues we do, but as time has gone on these issues have become more extreme. Technology has advanced dramatically since their youth, and is still rapidly advancing as we speak. Many benefits have come with advancing technology; medical, social, education, but with all things positive there has to be some negatives to consider too.

Advances in technology has developed issues within the human race and its mental state. Social media now plays a major part in people’s lives, and young people especially find it difficult to be the idea of ‘perfect’ or keeping up with the trends. This is something our parents had to deal with, and dare I say even the Ancient Romans but as I mentioned earlier, maybe modern society has taken it to extreme. Of course, that is only a small element of social media as many people love it and use it to connect with people all over the world which is certainly a benefit to growing up in the present instead of in the past.

Although the major change in pressure from the past to the present is the increased use of social media, added pressure is also increasing from education. Education and school life has become undoubtedly harder than the past, and children are expected to know and learn more than they have before. There is a constant pressure to always do well in life, to have your life together and to know where you want to be which many children and adults find very daunting. The world is becoming so much more academic in all countries and people who never could have had the chance to learn before can now read and write, which is a considerable improvement to growing up in modern society.

Education is one right that people should be entitled to, but there are many others such as a right to equality, a right to freedom. Freedom is ever-growing in comparison to the past, what with the slave trade, servants, strong governments and racism equality. In terms of being able to do what you want, modern society has dramatically improved since the past.

However, there are limitations to modern freedom. The world has become so much more aware of social issues it is hard to say anything without someone becoming offended. Modern society, although being free in a certain aspect has many more limitations for everyone. Due to technology and other advances it becomes increasingly more difficult to keep things private and secure. This is down to issues such as misinterpretation and advancing spyware.

Modern society holds the most advanced health and medical care. Taking it back in time, when medical and health care was extremely limited and germs was virtually unknown knowledge, most people were rare to exceed childhood, let alone 30. Health care has improved the lives of so many, and the human race is enjoying the lives of so many people who earlier may have died from infectious diseases or dangerous circumstances.

‘Is it better to grow up now than in the past.’ I ask you again. Personally, I don’t know. We will never be able to make a solid decision about what generation it would be better to grow up in, as so many factors affect the outcome. The past holds the age of class, respect and separation between races and genders. The modern world holds the age of major terrorism, environment dangers and the world becoming obese. I’m not here to tell you which is better or worse, that is a decision to make for yourself, but something I will say is that we shouldn’t be wishing for things that is in the past, or hoping for a better future; we should be making the best of our lives today and making each day the best we can. I will leave you with a quote from Vivian Greene with ‘life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain’

What are your thoughts?

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Ways To Destress

Hi. Yes it is actually me, the blog owner who disappeared from this blog for almost a month - oops. My exams are not yet over, and I am still revising for some of my mock exams but I wanted to get into the swing of blogging again because to be honest I have missed it so much! I guess a part of me withheld starting again because I was stressed out about many things, and blogging just seemed to add to the pile! Nevertheless, I have started to relax a little and I am planning and writing a few posts this weekend in hope to schedule them for one a week at the moment and build up.

In terms of destressing, I wanted to share a few tips on how I liked to relax a little, in hope that it will help you readers have a bit of relaxation yourselves.

DO THE WORK. Procrastination has a way of making me stress out even more. When I need to do something, it rings in my mind constantly until it is done which is both a blessing and a curse. When you need to get something done, try to just get it over and done with as soon as possible, and it will make you feel so much better when the task is out of the way!

CLEAN YOUR WORKSPACE. Whether this be your bedroom, office or kitchen, cleaning and tidying your workspace is a great way to 'productively procrastinate' so to say. I always enjoy cleaning and tidying if I am honest as I hate my room being messy or unclean, but for those who see it as a drag it will all be worth it in the end because you will have a great place to do the work.

TAKE A BATH. When I am super stressed out I like to take a bath with some luxury bath products and just relax. Sometimes I bring a book in the bath with me, or watch YouTube videos on my phone until the bath goes cold (!) but I find baths almost a time-out from everyday life, and the stressful situations.

HANG OUT WITH FRIENDS. In a stressful situation, I find nothing is better than taking time to just hang out with friends. I like seeing my friends out of school, as its more fun for everyone to be out of the learning environment, haha! Catching up with my old friends as well is great, now we all don't go to the same school it is amazing to just chat about what we have all been up to!

How do you destress?

Saturday, 23 April 2016

20 Summer Blog Post Ideas

It can be really difficult to regularly come up with blog post ideas, I for one certainly know this being a blogger myself! Sometimes, seasonal blog posts are nice to read and despite if you are aiming for a professional, magazine or personal approach to blogging some of these ideas may appeal to you! As I know there are so many different genres of blogs out there so I have split them up into categories - forever the organised freak over here!

Everyday Summer Makeup // Summer Makeup Collection // How To Look After Skin In Summer // How To Adapt Makeup To Suit Summer // Summer Nails Tutorial

Summer Statement Pieces // How To Adjust Your Wardrobe For Summer // Summer Clothing Haul // Clothing Items To Have During Summer // My Favourite Summer Skirts/Tops/Shoes etc

Best Places To Go In Summer // Favourite Books To Read In Summer // Summer Room Tour // How To Build An Outside Fort // How To Host A Perfect Garden Party

- FOOD -
How To Have A Great Tasting Barbeque // Summer Salad Recipe // Best Food To Try In Summer // Garden Party Food // A Summer Tray Bake Recipe

Will you be using any of these ideas?

Monday, 11 April 2016

The Plan For The Future

I wanted to write a few words in advance for this month ahead, to let you know that I won't be as active on my social media and this blog as I normally am due to a fast approaching busy school life. My mock exams for Year 10 are at the end of this month, and I want to do well in them which means I won't be spending as much time doing the things I enjoy and love, instead working hard to revise. I will be aiming to post 1 post per week during this busy time, and I hope you all understand.

See you in my next post! 

Thursday, 7 April 2016

My Blogging Routine

I have seen quite a few of these posts pop up lately, and although my blogging routine isn't anything that I consider special, I thought I would show you what I do to organise my blogging schedule!

I try to take my photos at the weekends, which admittedly can prove difficult if I am to have a social life and meet the lighting requirements! I often like to photograph and edit on a Saturday, then write and schedule my posts on a Sunday. This means I don't have all of the blogging to do on one day, and I can spread it out over 2 days.

My favourite place to photograph is on my bed or outside, as it is convenient and has good lighting! I tend to take stock photos as I don't usually know what I am going to write until I see the photos all edited, so for props I tend to use notebooks, Instax Mini 8, pens, makeup items, nail polishes, mini cacti and books. I find this gives a cute look and a bit of variety.

When it comes to writing the posts as I mentioned before I usually think of a post to write when I see the images all edited. I try to write down some post ideas to help me do this, and jot these down in a notebook and see if any of my images are appropriate. I don't plan what I am going to write, I just really let the words speak themselves and just type! When I plan I end up sounding artificial and fake which doesn't really float my boat.

I tend to write my posts and schedule them for a couple of days in advance in the morning, and I always check they go up when they are meant to! I always reply to comments, and when I have the time I always try to return comments on commenters blogs as I feel that is important to engage with readers.

What is your blogging routine?

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Rocky Road Cupcakes

I was in the mood to do a bit of baking a few nights ago, and after browsing a few recipe books I decided to make these pretty delicious rocky road cupcakes. These were really simple to make, and only required basic ingredients! These would be perfect for friends or family and they look pretty impressive with all of their chocolatey goodness, aha!

110g butter or margarine, softened at room temperature
110g caster sugar
2 eggs
110g self-raising flour
1-2 tbsp milk
75g marshmallows
3-5 biscuits
225g milk chocolate

Preheat oven to 180C and line a 12 hole muffin tin with cases. Cream together the butter and sugar until pale and fluffy. Add the eggs a little at a time to the mixture and beat until combined. Sift the self raising flour to the mixture and fold in. If the mixture becomes a little thick add a little milk. Spoon and divide equally into the cases and bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes. Remove from the oven and leave to cool for 10 minutes.

Melt the chocolate and leave to cool for 2 minutes. Break up the biscuits in a bag and a wooden spoon and add to the melted chocolate. Stir in the marshmallows and spoon equally onto each cooled cake. Leave in the fridge overnight or until set and serve! 

Have you tried this recipe?

Saturday, 2 April 2016

4 Instagram Accounts To Follow

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Instagram is definitely in my top 3 social media apps, even when it scared us with the new update haha! Even though I don't always regularly upload *slaps self on the wrist* I am always scrolling through and liking peoples posts and stalking Instagram profiles in awe of the pretty pictures. In honour of this, I thought it were only right if I share my favourite Instagram accounts that you can follow too!

A cheeky little self promo, but if you wanted to follow my Instagram then you can either click in the sidebar links or follow me here.

Have you heard of these Instagram accounts before? What are your favourite accounts?

Thursday, 31 March 2016

The Infinity Dream Tag

I had a such a positive response from my Happy Tag, I wanted to publish another one because I found them really fun and personal to write! This is another tag that I was tagged to do so by Ava, from Land of Quiet (she designed the graphic above, so talented!) There are a few rules which I will leave below...

  1. Thank the Blogger who tagged you
  2. Tell us 11 facts about yourself
  3. Answer the 11 questions given to you
  4. Tag 11 bloggers and give them 11 new questions to answer.
11 Facts About Me:

1. I suck at ice skating, however it is still one of my favourite things to do.
2. I have no idea what I want to do when I'm older. I did want to become a teacher, then a G.P and my recent idea was to become a magazine editor, but I honestly have no idea what I want to do! Of course, being a blogger would be great but I'm not sure my blog will ever become that popular!
3. I live with my mum, dad and sister. I also have 2 dogs called Honey and Archie. Honey is a golden cocker spaniel and Archie is a black labrador. Alongside them, we have 7 chickens called; Clint, Lee, Emma, Barbara, Baby Blue, Margaret, and Nameless (we haven't a clue on what to name it haha! Maybe leave your suggestions below - I'm thinking Beryl ;))
4. My favourite meal is spaghetti carbonara.
5. I recently had my second ear piercing and I love it! For some people who don't know me, this will sound like I am a piercing addict - no, I don't want any more piercings and I don't want any tattoos. This second ear piercing was something I have wanted for ages now, because I think they look cute with a dangly earring and a studded one, haha! 
6. I started blogging way back in April 2014 in secret - my blog was public but no one I knew found out about it! When it came to August, my friends and family found out about it and in embarrassment I deleted all posts until August as I disliked them. This is a decision I regret because I want to see how much I have improved since my first posts - damn it! 
7. I love writing. Everyone says my handwriting looks like a font, but I don't know, haha! 
8. I love anti jokes. For example; What did the farmer say when he couldn't find his tractor? I can't find my tractor! or Why can't the T-Rex clap? Because he is dead! etc...please don't say I'm the only one who finds these hilarious!
9. I have an annoying tendency to overthink everything and make it sound really bad in my head. I get paranoid I'm annoying everyone haha, even though I have the best supportive friends in the world. 
10. I have a hearing loss. Many people don't know this about me, including those who I know in person, but I wear two hearing aids. This was something I was born with, and was diagnosed when I was 2. Don't worry, I'm not one of those nerdy weirdos you see in the films, haha! I would love to go into more detail about this in a full post but I don't know if this is something you want to see?
11. I find it really difficult to write facts about myself because I feel really awkward talking about myself to other people! I much prefer to listen to other people talk about themselves and their day - is anyone else like this?

Ava's Questions: 

1. What is your favorite place to chill?
My bedroom! I have it looking really cute and personal now, and I love to pop some music on in my room and chill out while on my laptop. 

2. Do you remember your dreams often? Do you have a favorite dream you wish you could experience again?

I remember dreams when I wake up, usually thinking about how weird that dream was! I would love to experience some dreams again, I had a dream that I grew up in America and went to an American high school as they look so fun! Another dream was that all of my friends and I were superheroes and saved the world...I have really childish dreams for a 15 year old, haha!

3. If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?

I really want a sausage dog! They look so cute and stubby, and awh... If I was to go more imaginative, I would go for a elephant and they are so wise and sweet. 

4. Did you have an imaginary friend as a child? If so, describe them.

No, I never really jumped on to this bandwagon. I think it was because I was too busy annoying my little sister, haha!

5. What is something you miss about being a kid?

How carefree everything was. I didn't care how I looked really, classwork wasn't hard and I just loved spending time with my friends and family without any commitments or distractions!

6. If you weren't going to be a {blank}, what would you be?

I don't know what I want to be when I am older, so I have no idea! Sorry :)

7. What is an activity you would like to do, but are too scared to actually take part in?

I'm not really scared to take part in, more the fact that I am so competitive sometimes I'm worried other people will be miles better than me! I would love to be really skilled in karate or gymnastics etc. I used to go to gymnastics when I was younger for years but I gave it up!

8. Do you have any allergies?

Face Paint and hayfever. My hayfever is quite bad so I am always sneezing, but I might have an allergy to horses too? I just class it as hayfever, but I volunteer at a horse riding stables on a Monday night, and I always get really wheezy and sneezy like my hayfever but I don't know! My face goes all red and blotchy when I have face paint on, the only stuff that doesn't irritate my skin is Snazaroo!  

9. What band/album/song have you been enjoying (obsessing) over currently?

I don't really have a favourite band, I just listen to anything in the charts! I do like a bit of Little Mix though, if I had to choose.

10. Describe your feel-better routine.

Have a shower and wash my hair, and snuggle up in bed watching YouTube videos with a hot cup of tea!

11. What is a song/book/movie/scent that you really love purely because of the memory attached to it?

I love the song 'What's the Name of the Game' by ABBA as my mum, sister and I used to sing it all the time on the way to primary school. Ahh fun times, haha! 

I can't tag 11 bloggers because I can't think of just 11 to tag! So, I tag each and everyone of you (if you do this post, I want to see a Paige tagged me to do...etc ;)) to answer these following questions. I know some people don't do tags, but I didn't until recently and they are actually really fun to complete! 

1. Do you have any middle names?
2. Have you ever done something you regret?
3. What is your favourite way to pass time?
4. Why do you blog in a maximum of 20 words?
5. Do you have a weird habit nobody knows about?
6. Have you ever faced your worst fear? What was it?
7. What is your favourite drink?
8. What do you prefer: cats or dogs?
9. Describe the dream you had last night.
10. What was your favourite childhood television programme? 
11. What are your 3 favourite words to say?

Thank you to Ava for tagging me, and will you do this tag?

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

What I Got For My Birthday 2016

I want to thank everyone that wished me a happy birthday last weekend, on here or Twitter as you were all so kind! I honestly wasn't expecting it, and it made me feel so happy and excited for the rest of the day - thank you for being so amazing.

I will do a similar style of post to my Christmas haul, where I just take photographs and zoom in on certain aspects. If you want to know where any product is from, leave a comment below and hopefully another reader or myself will be able to tell you where it is from or where you can purchase a similar item! 

As I'm sure you are aware, I don't mean to brag or show off in any way. I feel so grateful to all of my friends and family for what they purchased me for my birthday, and I am incredibly lucky to recieve all of my presents. 

These are a selection of the presents I recieved, as some were too hard to photograph! #bloggerproblems. Sorry this post has been a long time coming - but I'm thankful we are still in March haha!

When is your birthday? Do you have the same interests and tastes as me?

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Our Easter Celebrations

Happy Easter everyone! I wish you all the best wishes and celebrations today, and I hope your weekend was filled with lots of chocolate and treats. I will be posting again soon, but for now I will leave you with a few snaps of our Easter Sunday! xx