Wednesday, 30 September 2015

5 Reasons Why I Love Autumn + A Special Announcement

Hello everybody! Some may know that Autumn, or Fall if you are from America, is my favourite season of the year. Today I thought I would share with you some of the reasons why I love Autumn so much, and see if you share any of my favourites!

It becomes acceptable to drink hot chocolate. If I had my way, I would literally drink hot chocolate all year round (which happens frequently in the freezing country of Britain - forget Global Warming, we are Global Freezing over here!*) but nobody agrees with me until late September rolls around, and suddenly I find myself fighting in a coffee queue for a drink.

You can dig out all of your warm scarves, hoodies and thick tights. I'm not gonna lie, I dug these out a while ago but for the people who haven't - what are you waiting for? I love wearing a snuggly scarf to school, mainly because it gives me the false illusion of being in bed it is a really cute accessory to your uniform without breaking all of the school rules! Also, I love being able to get home and just put on some leggings and a hoodie for the evening while watching some of the evening TV.

GBBO starts! In case you didn't know, I am slightly obsessed with Great British Bake Off - I mean, it is food. GBBO is one of my favourite series to watch when you want to unwind and relax after school or work etc and just enjoy laugh at all of the failures watching the bakers show off their talents to Mary, Paul and the British public! Unfortunately, the season has almost finished and I am beginning to get sad...oh wait, there is always Strictly Come Dancing until Christmas ;)

Halloween and Bonfire Night. Do I really need to say any more? Well, yes I do! I love Halloween, and although I don't celebrate it as much as other celebrations, I do enjoy making the house look a bit spooky and watching some scary films while eating sweets and chocolate! Oh, and I can't forget carving pumpkins ;) Bonfire Night is the occasion British people tend to celebrate more, and it is one of my favourite times of the year - and no, it is not because of the toffee apples! There are lots of Bonfire Nights going on round where I live and I always like to go to as many as possible and watch all the fireworks while warming up by the fire! Last year, I ended up falling into a pond in my school uniform; but I think we will save that story for another day!

I begin to add things to my Christmas List. Autumn is the time of year that I start to think of things to add to my Christmas list and start getting inspiration for other people's presents. For Christmas this year, I would love one of those Adult Colouring Books and some lovely scented candles! My mum has been asking me what I would like, so I need to put a Christmas list together soon!

This is my special announcement! I wanted to put out a notice saying if you are interested in guest posting on The Joys of Being Paige then please email me at:


I feel that this would be a great opportunity for yourself and me as I get to feature lots of great content while you get some exposure and a experience for writing for my audience. You don't have to be a blogger, however please have some experience in writing as this will help if you get chosen! I would appreciate as many guest posters as possible, so please feel free to get in touch with me and I will email you more details about the guest posting! 

What are your favourite reasons why you like Autumn?

Saturday, 26 September 2015

My Morning Routine

*sorry about the irrelevance of this photo, I will try to update it!

Hello everybody! You usually see Morning Routines on YouTube, and after watching a lot few of them recently I decided to recreate the classic morning routine into a blog post for you today. I decided to post a morning routine that doesn't include school because that way this post becomes so much more interesting and less predictable!

To begin with, I try to wake up as late as possible (!) which usually includes about 9 o'clock, haha! I then either go on my phone or my laptop if they are on hand for half an hour and go on things like Twitter, Instagram, Blogger or text my friends to see what they are up to; usually they are in exactly the same position as I am!

I then decide I need to get some breakfast, so I get out of bed, put on some slippers, head out of my room and walk to the kitchen. I usually eat what is in the house for that day, but today was some cereal so I ate some of that for my breakfast. I usually eat in the lounge, but I wanted to eat in the dining room today because my sister was watching something rubbish on TV!

After this, I usually return to my bedroom and make my bed so it looks all neat! I then put my clothes from the night before into the laundry basket so my floor is all tidy and open my wardrobe to pick out something to wear. Today I opted for some leggings and a black and white winged jumper because I was only doing my homework, taking/writing blog posts and cleaning my room that day!

This is usually the time when I check out YouTube and see if any of my subscriptions have uploaded a new video, and after this I get started on homework. There isn't usually that much to do as I always try to complete my homework the night I get it, but today there was some English to do as I had Musical Theatre on Tuesday so I couldn't do it! After this, I can then start to take blogging photos and writing some posts for the week ahead.

I hope you enjoyed this recreation of the classic morning routine and let me know if you want me to do more updated ones in the future! I found this was super fun to produce and I will see you in my next post!

What does your morning routine look like?

Sunday, 20 September 2015


I know, I know, I haven't posted for a week, oops! School has been so hectic with homework and other commitments I just haven't had any time to blog which is a real shame, because it is basically my favourite thing to do to relax and share with you guys. I thought I would do a little catch-up post today even though it hasn't been to long since my last one, so much has happened so I'm going to share it with you today!

My sister's birthday was the Monday just gone, and I eventually decided what to buy her! She is now 12, so I thought I would buy her more mature presents as she is growing up into a young lady (!) In the end, I bought her a mini canvas that she can rest her phone on, a Barry M nail polish in the shade Rose Hip, a Barry M Nail Paint Corrector Pen, The Silver Donkey by Sonya Hartnett, some nice smelling body spray and some pretty white ribbon earrings to go with a dress my parents purchased for her. She seemed to really like them, so I thought I did a good job with my choices!

School has been quite busy with the homework lately, most of it is just finishing things off. As all of my friends know, and maybe some of you guys may have noticed, I am a perfectionist. I like all of my work to be neat, and everything to be perfect on a page! Unfortunately, this means that sometimes I spend so much time on my presentation and work that I need to finish the work at home. Usually this doesn't happen, but occasionally it does and I add the work onto my homework pile! This week, the homework is mostly Art which isn't too bad and a bit of history. I have been trying to do my homework the night I get it, which has been a huge lifesaver for this busy weekend because I wouldn't have been able to finish everything otherwise!

My best friend Sarah had a birthday party on Friday, and it was so much fun! She opted for a pottery party, which I thought was a really creative and fun idea to have and everyone had a great time! Everyone was laughing at me because I have a really weird phobia of getting my hands dirty, and I squirm when they get muddy or dirty etc, and I don't know why! Apparently I have been like it ever since I was a toddler, so I guess there is no hope for me haha! However, I had a great time trying to make a pot even though it failed miserably! The pottery man helped us make a good pot to begin with, and then he gave us each two balls of clay and set us each at a pottery wheel to make our own! My finished result was a wobbly egg cup that looks slightly special original!

I am going to go and see Bill by the Horrible Histories cast later on today, I am so excited! #stillachildatheart. We are going for my sisters birthday party at the cinema, so she is bringing a few friends with her to watch it too! I think we are also going for a meal or something afterwards but I'm not sure! If you have watched it already, did you enjoy it? Was it good? I was a massive fan of horrible histories growing up (I still am, to be honest!) so to see a film that they have put together should be so much fun! As you can tell, I am quite looking forward to it!

There are a couple of school trips coming up which should be really fun, and I can't wait to take all the photos to share with you! I am going to London and Berlin soon, and my best friends are also coming, which always makes the trip super fun and that extra bit more enjoyable. The teachers that are leading the trips are two of my favourite ones so again, I can't wait until I go!

What have you been up to lately?

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Back To School: Life Hacks

Hello everyone and welcome to my last back to school video for this year! I really enjoyed writing this years posts and can't wait to start them again next year! For my last post, I thought I would sum up the entire series with some life hacks that can help save your life in school and further education! Just to note: I am sorry for missing out Thursday's post, but when you go back to school it's hard to balance blogging and school to begin with before you get used to it!

Organise yourself the night before. 
Sounds obvious, but since I have returned to school I have found that when I do this, it is such a life saver! If you pack your bag and pick out your clothes the night before, then you don't have to do any real work in the morning! I wake up fully at around 7:00am to be at the bus stop at 8:10am, and it gives me the time to just get myself ready for the day in a relaxed, gentle process without rushing round the house trying to find various items for the day ahead! I just wake up, get dressed, put on my makeup, eat breakfast and then I am out of the house!

When revising, find out what type of learner you are. 
Recently I have found that the way I am revising isn't helping me at all, and my test results were suffering. It was nothing bad, I had just slipped two sublevels behind and I wanted to change the way I am revising to see if it made any difference! I used to write everything out from my textbook (which I was told works really well, however I didn't find it so) but now I write down the key points on a flashcard, and record myself saying it. After doing this, I play the voice memo whilst reading the points off the flashcard. I use BBC Bitesize to help me study, however if you wanted a phone app to help, I recommend Gojimo - it is a free study app that quizzes you on all of the subjects you want to take! I honestly could not find a app like it and it quizzes all types of levels like GCSE's, A Levels ect - well worth the download!

Put your alarm clock at the other side of the room. 
I personally don't have that much trouble waking up in the morning (thanks mum!) but for those who do, I suggest putting your alarm clock at the furthest point from your bed in your bedroom so it forces you to get out of your bed to turn it off. Also, if you wanted to guarantee you get out of bed, set the alarm to the most annoying sound that you have, so you get so annoyed that you have to go turn it off!

Keep a few pens and pencils in a separate pencil case.
 I always like to keep a pen and pencil in a pocket of my bag in case I forget my pencil case on the day. Usually this is when I don't follow Tip #1, so I rush around trying to collect everything that I need, but forget something! The reason why I do this is because our teachers tend to get annoyed if they have to lend you things all the time for their lessons which you should have yourself, which is kind of understandable I guess! I also have my friends, but I don't want to constantly rely upon them to bring a spare kit of stuff just for me, you get what I mean?!

Keep a note of your homework in as many places as possible. 
I would say to begin with do your homework the night you get it, but out of all people I can understand that this is sometimes just not possible, so I recommend that you make a note of your homework in as many places as possible so you don't forget about it and sit in class looking panicked when your teacher asks you for your homework! In our school, we have a website called Show My Homework where the teacher puts the homework online which is always super helpful, however if you have a planner make a note of your homework in there!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have you got any school life hacks you would like to share?

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Autumn Playlist 2015

Hello everybody! I was originally going to post this, but unfortunately I didn't have time to write the post before now, so I haven't quite reached the scheduled post time yet! I have been listening to quite a lot of music lately, and I thought I would share with you some of my favourites so far. There are a few old songs in there but the majority are some new favourites in the list too! x

Love Me Harder // Ariana Grande feat. Weeknd
Heartbeat Song // Kelly Clarkson
Shine // Years & Years
That Don't Impress Me Much // Shania Twain
Like I'm Gonna Lose You // Meghan Trainor feat. John Legend
Posion // Rita Ora
Black Magic // Little Mix
Drag Me Down // One Direction
I Don't Like It, I Love It // Flo Rida
Fight Song // Rachel Platten

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Room Tour 2015

Hello everyone! I decided to photograph a room tour for all of you, because I have finally got my room looking like I want it! I went for a light bedroom with white walls and pretty pastel features - I felt that this reflected me and made the space I work in more enjoyable and bright for me. Without further ado, welcome to my bedroom! Above, you can see my door which leads into my bedroom and I made it a bit more pretty with a simple yet cute blue heart which hangs off the door handle.

This is my bed, I was treated to a double one last year for my 13th birthday! I have to admit, it took forever to decide on some duvet covers and a pillow assortment for my bed that matched the rest of my bedroom. In the end, my latest addition is a white duvet cover and two white pillows, which I DIYed to look really pretty! I also added some pretty pillows on the front which add lots of colour to a plain bed which I thought was a nice touch. Underneath my sleeping pillows is another set of pillows which are covered in a pretty black and white dot pattern!

My desk is one of my favourite and important parts of my room, so I tried to make it pretty and enjoyable to work at. First of all, I added a silver anglepoise lamp, which looked really cute and pretty on the corner of my desk. Then, I decided I wanted to add a bit of greenery so I purchased a big cacti from a garden store and planted it inside a IKEA pot that matched the miniature cacti that sit on my windowsill on the opposite side of my room! I then have a candle, patterned 'P' that my godmother made me for my birthday a few years back and some cute washi tape.

My laptop is a old Dell one seeing as my other one decided to stop working :(, but I prettified it by adding some washi tape to the cover of it! Don't worry, if you wanted to do the same to your laptop then feel free because it doesn't harm the laptop in any way or leave stickiness or marks. My family doesn't like to stick things on our walls because it will leave marks or grease patches, so I decided to hang some pretty fairy lights from my glass noticeboard and pretty canvas art my sister purchased for me! The switch is on my desk and it looks really pretty when I am working on my laptop at night!

Did you enjoy my room tour? What does your room look like?

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Back To School: Study Tips

Hello everyone, and welcome to my second installment of my back to school series! I have always loved reading some study tips because I am constantly looking for some new ways to revise and learn my coursework to help for exams and assessments, so I thought I would share some of the tried and tested methods I have used to help me revise. I am quite a visual and auditory learner so I prefer to be more hands on than just reading, and I see the same old tips again and again so I wanted to provide you with some tips that are more original!

Listen to classical music while studying.
I think this tip is amazing - it helps me so much! I am not a massive fan of classical music, but I find listening to it while revising is a great way to help me relax and absorb more information from the textbooks and notes I am reading. If you hate classical music so much you wanted to smash it all up (if you do - chill out a bit, but hey!) why not try to search on YouTube relaxing, stress free music and you will find some beautiful pieces. The trick is to not have any lyrics, because then your brain will memorise that instead of the text you're reading!

Build a revision space/corner.
Something that has helped me revise is to build a revison space that I feel comfortable and ready to work in. To make things easier, mine is my desk however you can build yours anywhere that you are allowed to! To make my desk space more adapted to studying, I removed all of my chargers for electronic devices like my iPhone and iPod and put them at the opposite side of the room so they are not within my reach. I kept my laptop on my desk, but when I am studying I set a social media block for the time I want to revise for so I don't get distracted!

Make sure you have everything before you start studying.
One of the reasons I wasn't very good at studying was because I am a terrible procrastinator. If I could think of something to do, I would do it in the middle of my studying period and muck up my schedule! I decided to tackle this by collecting EVERYTHING I needed at the beginning of my study time, and kept my room tidy beforehand so there were no excuses of cleaning or needing something and I had to do some work.

Get a 'study buddy'.
I find that I work better when I have someone to study with because they tend to keep me grounded and make studying so much more fun and supportive! I'm going to ask my two best friends; Sarah and Kate, if they want to be 'study buddies' this year which means we will spend more time together whilst revising for assessments and exams. I would provide lots of snacks that help boost your brainpower like blueberries, chocolate and nuts to keep you both energised as well as providing nice drinks - water is best, but why not experiment with a healthy smoothie or a make your own lime refresher?

I hope these help you - they certainly help me! Have you got any other studying tips?

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Recent Reading #2

Happy September! I have decided to write a long overdue reading update for you all due to the fact I have been reading quite a bit over the summer, and having run out of books to read on the lookout for some more! In case you missed my last edition, I love reading and I take a massive pleasure out of searching Waterstones for great books that I would like to read! Are any of you like this?

No Stars In The Circus
I have had this book for a while because I received it for a birthday present off one of my best friends in a duo with All The Truth In Me. This book is set in the second world war and the Holocaust. The main character is ten year old Jonas who loves his family and friends at the circus, but when the Germans come to his hometown he is whisked away to live with a elderly music teacher who cares for him.

The Maze Runner
This one is quite popular here in the UK, I am not quite sure about elsewhere but it is certainly one to read! I finished this book in two days, already wanting to order the others in the series! It is about a large group of teenage boys who, each month arrive at the Glade only remembering their name. The story takes a big plot twist when a girl arrives with a message of their survival.

All The Truth In Me
Like No Stars In The Circus, this book was a gift off my best friend Kate and I love it. The storyline of the book is about a young girl called Judith who was kidnapped two years ago. It appears to be set in the late 1800's (but I could be wrong!) and told in second person narrative for the majority of the book. It is a slower read than I am used to but it is worth having a go at challenging yourself with this book.

Running Girl
I picked this one up a few weeks ago in Waterstones while shopping with my sister. I love all sorts of fiction murder mysteries etc, so when I read the blurb of this I was very intrigued! It is about teenager Garvie Smith who isn't the best role model student, I have to admit. He smokes, takes the occasional drugs and has the worst grades for his school. This starts to change when his ex-girlfriend is pulled from a pond and is determined to find out who killed Chloe Dow and why. It sounds quite dark, but this is a lighthearted, funny in places book which is well worth a read!

I found out about this from my other best friend Sarah who was reading this for a while, I think! I picked this up with Running Girl as a buy one, get one half price deal and I have mixed feelings about it. I enjoyed the majority of it, in places it was very slow and hard to get through and in others it was just right and a enjoyable read. Sarah didn't enjoy this book, but I found it to be altogether not that bad. I probably will read this again, but it won't be on the top of my list.

Have you read any of these books? What suggestions have you got?