Thursday, 24 December 2015

My Favourite Things About Christmas

There is no point in me denying that Christmas is my favourite time of the year. Every December I'm pretty sure I pretty much annoy everyone I know with my countdown to Christmas and my excitement for the holiday season! I thought I would share my favourite things about Christmas with you all today, and see if we have the same favourites!

- Decorating the Christmas tree.
- Wrapping presents.
- Exchanging presents.
- Drinking Hot Chocolate.
- Wrapping up warm when heading outside.
- Writing Christmas cards for friends and family.
- Catching up with loved ones.
- Reading Winter related blog posts.
- Catching up with YouTube videos.
- Winter break from school!
- Meeting up with friends.
- Shopping for Christmas presents.
- Munching mince pies.
- Eating Christmas dinner.
- Downtown Abbey Christmas Special (Am I right, or am I right?!)
- Christmas themed television.

What are your favourite things about Christmas?

I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all the best Christmas, and thank you for sticking with me this past year! I hope you all get everything you have wished for, and just have a great day in general! Don't eat too many yorkshire puddings! xx


  1. Love this! I'm can't wait for Downton Abbey season 6! It's my favorite show! <3
    Awesome post, Paige! Hope you have a lovely Christmas. :)

    1. Haha, I love myself a bit of Downton! Thank you, and you too x

  2. I love the food at Christmas and watching someone open a present that they know they are going to love x

  3. Wrapping presents has got to be my number 1 favorite thing about the time of year! This is such a clever blog post idea!


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