Sunday, 13 September 2015

Back To School: Life Hacks

Hello everyone and welcome to my last back to school video for this year! I really enjoyed writing this years posts and can't wait to start them again next year! For my last post, I thought I would sum up the entire series with some life hacks that can help save your life in school and further education! Just to note: I am sorry for missing out Thursday's post, but when you go back to school it's hard to balance blogging and school to begin with before you get used to it!

Organise yourself the night before. 
Sounds obvious, but since I have returned to school I have found that when I do this, it is such a life saver! If you pack your bag and pick out your clothes the night before, then you don't have to do any real work in the morning! I wake up fully at around 7:00am to be at the bus stop at 8:10am, and it gives me the time to just get myself ready for the day in a relaxed, gentle process without rushing round the house trying to find various items for the day ahead! I just wake up, get dressed, put on my makeup, eat breakfast and then I am out of the house!

When revising, find out what type of learner you are. 
Recently I have found that the way I am revising isn't helping me at all, and my test results were suffering. It was nothing bad, I had just slipped two sublevels behind and I wanted to change the way I am revising to see if it made any difference! I used to write everything out from my textbook (which I was told works really well, however I didn't find it so) but now I write down the key points on a flashcard, and record myself saying it. After doing this, I play the voice memo whilst reading the points off the flashcard. I use BBC Bitesize to help me study, however if you wanted a phone app to help, I recommend Gojimo - it is a free study app that quizzes you on all of the subjects you want to take! I honestly could not find a app like it and it quizzes all types of levels like GCSE's, A Levels ect - well worth the download!

Put your alarm clock at the other side of the room. 
I personally don't have that much trouble waking up in the morning (thanks mum!) but for those who do, I suggest putting your alarm clock at the furthest point from your bed in your bedroom so it forces you to get out of your bed to turn it off. Also, if you wanted to guarantee you get out of bed, set the alarm to the most annoying sound that you have, so you get so annoyed that you have to go turn it off!

Keep a few pens and pencils in a separate pencil case.
 I always like to keep a pen and pencil in a pocket of my bag in case I forget my pencil case on the day. Usually this is when I don't follow Tip #1, so I rush around trying to collect everything that I need, but forget something! The reason why I do this is because our teachers tend to get annoyed if they have to lend you things all the time for their lessons which you should have yourself, which is kind of understandable I guess! I also have my friends, but I don't want to constantly rely upon them to bring a spare kit of stuff just for me, you get what I mean?!

Keep a note of your homework in as many places as possible. 
I would say to begin with do your homework the night you get it, but out of all people I can understand that this is sometimes just not possible, so I recommend that you make a note of your homework in as many places as possible so you don't forget about it and sit in class looking panicked when your teacher asks you for your homework! In our school, we have a website called Show My Homework where the teacher puts the homework online which is always super helpful, however if you have a planner make a note of your homework in there!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have you got any school life hacks you would like to share?


  1. Great Tips! I always had a school and home pencil case, this way I never forget one in my school bag! Also make sure as soon as you get a sheet, you file it in the right place otherwise it will do walkies x :)

    1. Those sound like great tips, thank you! I always keep a jar of pens and pencils at my desk where I do my homework so I don't have to get my pencil case out, haha! x

  2. These are some seriously wonderful tips! xx I really get what you mean about the whole blog-school balance thing. xx I only started blogging this summer, and I'm finding it hard to settle into a routine now that I'm in school. Don't worry, though - I've got some new stuff coming soon. I just need to find some more time to work on it. It's so good, though, that most of us are going back to school now, so we completely understand each other. xx
    ~ Sanjana

    1. Thank you! I am sure you will find a way to do both! I can't wait to see your new posts! x


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