Wednesday, 30 September 2015

5 Reasons Why I Love Autumn + A Special Announcement

Hello everybody! Some may know that Autumn, or Fall if you are from America, is my favourite season of the year. Today I thought I would share with you some of the reasons why I love Autumn so much, and see if you share any of my favourites!

It becomes acceptable to drink hot chocolate. If I had my way, I would literally drink hot chocolate all year round (which happens frequently in the freezing country of Britain - forget Global Warming, we are Global Freezing over here!*) but nobody agrees with me until late September rolls around, and suddenly I find myself fighting in a coffee queue for a drink.

You can dig out all of your warm scarves, hoodies and thick tights. I'm not gonna lie, I dug these out a while ago but for the people who haven't - what are you waiting for? I love wearing a snuggly scarf to school, mainly because it gives me the false illusion of being in bed it is a really cute accessory to your uniform without breaking all of the school rules! Also, I love being able to get home and just put on some leggings and a hoodie for the evening while watching some of the evening TV.

GBBO starts! In case you didn't know, I am slightly obsessed with Great British Bake Off - I mean, it is food. GBBO is one of my favourite series to watch when you want to unwind and relax after school or work etc and just enjoy laugh at all of the failures watching the bakers show off their talents to Mary, Paul and the British public! Unfortunately, the season has almost finished and I am beginning to get sad...oh wait, there is always Strictly Come Dancing until Christmas ;)

Halloween and Bonfire Night. Do I really need to say any more? Well, yes I do! I love Halloween, and although I don't celebrate it as much as other celebrations, I do enjoy making the house look a bit spooky and watching some scary films while eating sweets and chocolate! Oh, and I can't forget carving pumpkins ;) Bonfire Night is the occasion British people tend to celebrate more, and it is one of my favourite times of the year - and no, it is not because of the toffee apples! There are lots of Bonfire Nights going on round where I live and I always like to go to as many as possible and watch all the fireworks while warming up by the fire! Last year, I ended up falling into a pond in my school uniform; but I think we will save that story for another day!

I begin to add things to my Christmas List. Autumn is the time of year that I start to think of things to add to my Christmas list and start getting inspiration for other people's presents. For Christmas this year, I would love one of those Adult Colouring Books and some lovely scented candles! My mum has been asking me what I would like, so I need to put a Christmas list together soon!

This is my special announcement! I wanted to put out a notice saying if you are interested in guest posting on The Joys of Being Paige then please email me at:


I feel that this would be a great opportunity for yourself and me as I get to feature lots of great content while you get some exposure and a experience for writing for my audience. You don't have to be a blogger, however please have some experience in writing as this will help if you get chosen! I would appreciate as many guest posters as possible, so please feel free to get in touch with me and I will email you more details about the guest posting! 

What are your favourite reasons why you like Autumn?


  1. I totally agree! Fall is far and away the best season for obvious reasons, most of which you pointed out.:)

  2. Fall is so beautiful! x I love driving around with my family on late autumn's evenings, sipping warm tea and just catching up while looking at all the gorgeous and colorful leaves. I adore this time of year so much, aside from it being so cold over here.
    ~ Sanjana

    1. Those sound great ways to enjoy fall! x

  3. Let's face it, the best thing about fall is drinking hot chocolate and not being judged! haha great post! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS


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