Tuesday, 25 August 2015


I wanted to do a personal style post today, just chatting with you behind the screen! I love writing these posts, but I know you don't like them too often so I am going to just bore you (!) with my recent life happenings!

On Thursday I received my results for my early GCSE! In case you didn't know, I took my Design Technology GCSE at 14 instead of 16 which was a massive achievement for me, especially when I came away with a A. I was super happy as I put lots of work and effort into the whole course so I was so excited with the result! My grandparents have been treating me with a couple of Pandora bracelets to add to my bracelet and my parents got me some beautiful flowers and cards.

I have recently been falling in love with photography again. For a while, I hated everything I produced on my camera and just felt uninspired with everything around me. I decided to sort this out and I am beginning to enjoy taking photos again and using my surroundings to inspire me and my creativity!

I have been binge watching YouTube videos again, why not? I shared my favourites in my last post but I have also been watching a bit of Dance Moms and Maybaby in case you wanted some new channels! My favourite times to watch them is while I am eating my breakfast in my bedroom or after my evening meal as I find it a good way to relax or wake up! Of course, before that I read my comments and new posts in my blog feed!

I have also been looking for a couple of presents for my sister's birthday, which is proving a more difficult task than I thought! I am looking at a couple of things but it is so hard to pick out something for someone that you know they are going to love! I am debating whether or not to just ask her what she would like but I want to keep it a surprise, so hard haha!

What have you been up to lately?


  1. Isn't it so hard to find the perfect gift? Congrats on your GCSE results! What an accomplishment. We don't have those in America, but I've heard that they're really stressful.

    1. Thank you! They are like end of school results and lead you to get university placements and potential jobs etc, so yeah they are pretty stressful when you have to take 9 or so! x

  2. Wow; it sure does sound you're busy this month!
    Don't worry about boring us, because trust me, you're not. xx I enjoy these types of posts so much!
    It really sounds like a lot of us bloggers have birthdays in August, or have family that does. My birthday is in August, too. xx
    ~ Sanjana

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed this post! I hope you had a great birthday Sanjana! x


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