Thursday, 6 August 2015

Blogs I Have Been Loving Recently #3

It has been a while since I have done a Blogs I Have Been Loving Recently post, so I thought I would write one for you today! These are one of my favourite posts to write, and from some of the comments you leave me it is some of yours too! There have been a few blogs that I have literally been reading every time they post lately, and I thought it would be only fair if I shared them with you!

Hello October. I discovered Suzies blog a few months ago, and I love it! Her design is literally flawless sporting minimal all of the way. She also has a lovely YouTube channel, which I have recently been enjoying, and has been blogging about her recent trip to LA. She posts beauty, lifestyle and fashion and still manages to create high quality posts that I love, and I am sure you will too.

Fashion and Beauty Tribes. I discovered Sinead's blog from UNSTITCHEDD, when Sinead, Maddy and Holly all put together a blogging advice series, which was very good. Sinead's blog has the most gorgeous photography and her classy instagram is to die for (well, that may be taking things a little too far) and she composes lovely, relatable posts that are nice to read on a Sunday afternoon.

From Roses. Another blog with to-die-for photography is Rebecca. I don't really follow many beauty blogs, although I wear makeup it isn't something I spend much time researching and reading up on, Rebecca manages to make me click on nearly every beauty blog post she does! Aside from beauty, she posts photography tips, lifestyle, fashion posts which are equally as good and captivating!

Bloomin' Rouge. I love Holly's blog. From her design to her photos to her witty sense of humour in her posts, Holly basically has it all. Like Rebecca she is a 'beauty blogger' however occasionally she will post a tips or lifestyle type of post in the midst which are lovely to read too. I would recommend reading her blog while holding your wishlist and adding nearly everything she says onto it...

Avenue de Sophie. As far as I can gather, Sophie's blog is relatively new and already she has hit the blogging world with a bang. I love Sophie's blog for the content, and the thought and effort she puts into her posts. She recently wrote one about how we are not defined by numbers, and how we are all obsessed about a certain number we want to be at - check it out, its good!

Hope you enjoyed this! Do you like any of these blogs?


  1. Ahh I love all of these! They're just fab, aren't they? xx

  2. Cool! I can't wait to check out all of these. <3

  3. I only knew Hello October, I'm going to check out the rest! Thank you!! xx

    Cristina | MY CUP OF TEA

    1. I'm sure you will like them! x

  4. Thanks for sharing these!

  5. These are some gorgeous blogs run by some very gorgeous girls. Thank you so much for sharing, Paige!
    ~ Sanjana


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