Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Back To School: Haul 2015

The time of school is slowly dawning upon us and although I have that sinking feeling inside of early morning memories once again, I'm actually really excited to go back and see all of the friends I haven't seen over the holidays and use all of my new stuff. Anyone else with me? Around about now, I start looking out for Back To School YouTube videos and posts that get me even more excited and inspired than I already am, and I thought I would put together a little Back To School series of my own to help and inspire you guys too!

To kick of the series, I am going to share with you my new supplies for school! In case you didn't already know, I absolutely love back to school shopping and picking out my new bag, pencil case and stuffing it with pens and pencils!

A quick little disclaimer; I don't mean to show off, or brag in any way, shape or form, I personally love looking at what other people buy and use for the new, upcoming school year and getting inspiration from them. I appreciate what I have and I know that I am lucky to be able to call these supplies my own. 

First of all, I headed to WH Smith to take a look at pencil cases. After debating on a couple, I finally decided on the Katarina Slim Pencil Case - £3.99 - with a beautiful gold zip and a lovely floral pattern. I chose this because it isn't massive and bulky, yet it is big enough to store all of my stationery which I really like. It feels good quality, and I think it will last a long time!

I also purchased some ringed binders which I can store my English and Science coursework in. This Amelie Grey Colourful Ringed Binder - £3.99 - was so cute I couldn't resist picking it up! Just in case I needed a bigger one, I headed to Ryman and bought a Ryman Natural Lever Arch File which I thought was really cute and it goes well with the other binder and my bag!

In my pencil case I like to keep everything organised and tidy so I can easily reach what I want. I picked up some Staedtler Rainbow Triangular Ballpoint pens which will give a variation of colour and quirkiness in my work and notes. I have tested out all of the colours and they are really good pens. All of the colours match what they are supposed to be, and they don't smudge, which is a massive bonus!

I also bought some trusty Crayola Multi Colouring Pencils - £3.99 - which, as you probably know - everybody has probably purchased some in their lifetime! - are good. I like them because they are really easy to sharpen, the lead doesn't break really easily and the colour is easily blendable whilst being vibrant!

As I am taking GCSE Art, I thought I would need a variety of normal pencils, so I added some Staedtler Assorted Lead Grade Pencils - £2.99 - to my basket. These come in grades of 2B, B, HB, H, 2H which are useful for different tones of shading etc. I was quite pleased to get these as I feel these will make my shading easier and look better, which is always a good thing!

These Staedtler Triplus Fibre Tip pens aren't actually new, I purchased them midway through last term, and they are still all working well so I thought I would use them for a following year. We don't use felt-tips much in our school so I think they should last until July 2016!

I have to walk up a muddy lane each day, so it was important to me to get some sturdy shoes that would withstand rain without leaving marks and still remain fashionable. I found these Hamble Oak -£60 - shoes in Clarks which will do the job perfectly. There are hundreds of good reviews on the website and they have got themselves a 5 star rating. They are cute little brogues with a little heel and give a air of sophistication to the wearer.

I needed some new trainers because my old ones were getting holes from 2 years of use - they didn't smell, I promise! After lots of deliberation, because let's face it - picking out trainers is a important job - I chose these NIKE Flex Trainers - £41.00 - which I am in love with. They are a grey and purpley pink colour with a streak of white along the sole.

I picked out my school bag from New Look, because I wanted a sturdy bag that would carry all of my books and folders without becoming weak and breaking. I liked the pastel coloured ones, so I settled upon the Bright Blue Zip Front Bag - £24.99 - which suited my needs perfectly. Again, it has gold zips which add to the cute, pastel feel and gold clip on shoulder straps.

Finally, I purchased a pretty SoulCal Print Gym Bag (the picture on the website really doesn't do it justice) - £11.99 - which is a waterproof cute pastel pink drawstring bag with a pretty white writing print on it with little hearts and stars to match. This is really good quality as the drawstrings and think which means the string won't snap easily. This fits all of my gym kit in (trust me, there is quite a lot!) and it has a little zip inside for earrings and jewellery etc.

I hope you enjoyed this little haul, will you be buying any of these?

a little note to say that I have put the full price on the links as this post will be up after the sales have gone, but quite a few of these things have been/are on the sales in supermarkets and stationery shops which means you will get them quite cheap in comparison!


  1. I love that bag!!! I love back to school hauls, stationary is my thing!

    CharlotteSamantha //

  2. All those items are adorable! I bought the same trainers but they were black and white.

  3. I love your school supplies! They're really bright and fun.
    Even though I'm homeschooled, I still love going to back to school sales. I will take any chance to get cheap stationary.
    It's funny that you're all preparing for school and here in Australia we're halfway through the school year. Our big holidays are around Christmas.

    1. Homeschooled always sounds so interesting! Who teaches you - is it a family member? Yes, our big holiday starts at the end of July and ends at the beginning of September! x

  4. I swear I have the same Nikes in blue and pink! They are so comfy; I know you'll love them!
    I started school a few days ago, and at first I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but now I'm actually enjoying myself! Best wishes this year.
    ~ Sanjana

    1. I think there was some blue and pink ones on the shelf! Hope you continue enjoy yourself! x

  5. It looks like you were able to really pick up some great things for the start to the new school year. I haven't been in school for a while, but I remember loving back-to-school season, cos it meant stocking up on amazing pens and notebooks. Really loving that pencil case so much. Staedtlers were a favorite of mine back in high school.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. Staedtler is one of my favourite brands for school - they always seem to last a long time! When I leave school - I'm going to miss it and the back to school shopping, then again I may just shop for the fun of it ;)

  6. I'm putting these Staedtler pens on my shopping list, and I have really been wanting a new pair of Nikes :) Back to school shopping is always fun for me, and this year is quite interesting because I get to pick out pieces for my dorm room!

    Emily | Ahem, It's Emme

    1. That sounds so fun! Do you have to pick out cute things to decorate your room with too? x

  7. Going school supply shopping is one of the few good things about going back to school for me xD I adore the print of your new pencil case! Nice haul ^_^ xx

  8. I have the very same oxfords except in brown! They are just too cute <3
    She Will Be

    1. They are pretty awesome, right?


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