Sunday, 12 July 2015

Ask Me Anything #2 Responses

What was the last big event you went to?
The last big event I went to must have been the 5 Seconds of Summer concert a few days ago. It was amazing, and I loved every moment. I went with my two friends and I hope to go to other concerts in the future that will be as good as the past one!

On a scale of 1 to 10, what would you rate your self confidence at?
I would rate my self confidence at around a 8. I don't have any problems with the way I look etc, I just worry sometimes about peoples opinion of me. I think everyone gets this sometimes, and overall I feel like I am a very confident person, especially in the company of my friends and family!

Do you use/suggest any apps or websites for tracking Instagram followers? Like who unfollows you, the percentage of growth, etc?

I don't track my Instagram, but my friends have said that Instrack is a good app to use. One thing I would say, is be careful not to be addicted to your social media, as it can damage your self-confidence if you get lots of unfollowers or negative results etc. Just looking out for my readers!

Can you post a beginner's guide to using your camera and how you edit your photos? <3

I did post something like this here and here but in answer to your question, YES I will post another camera/photography post soon.

Do you have a British accent?
Yes, I think so?!

Who/what is your biggest motivation when you are in a slump?
I don't get unmotivated often, but when I do I hate it! If it is blogging related, I would have to say that my motivation is probably my readers, as I always love providing content and entertainment for you. If it is something else I don't really have a motivation idol, but instead I usually take a shower, get changed into one of my favourite outfits and put on some of my favourite tunes!

How do I find my niche for my blog, and get it out there?
First of all, I would consider what you enjoy writing about and stick to that as your niche. Once you have done this, you can regularly post about this topic until you have a good selection of posts for your readers. After this, I suggest setting up a Instagram and Twitter account to promote your latest posts and gain a following that can keep updated with your blog. Also, make friends with other bloggers by commenting regularly, and following other blogs that have a similar niche.

Where do you like to shop?
I like to shop in quite a few places actually; H&M, New Look, Paperchase, Superdrug and IKEA!

What's your favorite season?
This is a difficult one as in terms of weather, I love summer! However, I love the fashion in Autumn so make what you want of that.

Do you have a specific major you're interested in for uni? 
Not really! I have just chosen my GCSE's and at the moment, I am looking at becoming a primary school teacher. This could change, as everyone's aspirations always change as they grow older, but this has been something I wanted to do since I was little!

What are your favorite T.V. shows?
I love lots of television shows, including; The Syndicate, The Next Step, Humans, and I have been watching Wimbledon quite a bit!

What are your hobbies aside from blogging?
I absolutely love to sing, act and dance so those would be my main hobbies, and I love photography and designing things too!

Where is the place you really want to go to?
America! I just think that it would be a chance in a lifetime, and I would gain some really great experiences and adventures.

How about you? What are your answers to the questions?


  1. america's pretty awesome, if i may say :) you'd have an awesome time, i'm sure.

  2. I LOVE these answers! If you ever do come to America we should definitely do a meet up and I'm taking you shopping ;) I've never heard of any of the above stores that you mentioned, except for H&M and Ikea! x

    1. That sounds like a great idea! I suppose the shops are a Europe thing? x


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