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GGL | Social Media: Inspiration or Not?

For the next few weeks; Angharad, Emily, Emily and myself will be hosting a Girls Guide To Living (GGL), which will give you a guide on how to lead a healthy, happy lifestyle. GGL is being created to provide you with motivation and enthusiasm to change your life for the better; whether it be stop worrying about what others think, or tips on a healthier lifestyle, we have all got advice on how to be the best that you can be.

To kick off the series, we are going to be talking about social media, and how far should we take it as inspiration? Modern society has us obsessed with it: I know so many people who absolutely love it - and although I do too - I can see some flaws in it which I realise can seriously damage someone's self esteem.

So much pressure is put on people these days with social media; whether it be to take the right picture that matches their feed, use the 'right' filter, or hanging round with the 'right' people, I can't quite get my head around it. It is human nature to project only our best selves onto social media sites, just so we can keep up with the latest trends. So many people are put under this pressure daily, and it can seriously affect their mental and physical health, which is a major concern. I've come up with some tips to prevent you from letting the pressure affect your health and self-esteem, and I hope they help.

Accept that nobody is the same in real life. If I were to see my friends Instagram profiles without actually knowing them, I would have the complete wrong idea of what they were like as a person, and what their interests were etc. After realising this, I am always careful to tell myself that those perfect Instagram profiles only reflect about 20% of their actual life. Even those perfect Instagrammers have bad days, greasy hair and friendship issues occasionally, and I think it is really important for people to realise that. Don't compare your 100% self to someone else's 20%.

Limit your time. How many of you have been in company of a friend or family and have literally watched them scroll through their Twitter feed instead of spending some valuable time together? *puts hand up and waves it frantically in the air* Yep, we all have them. It may sound blunt, but quite frankly, I find it rude. You are in the company of another human being, but instead you would prefer to read what people you have never even met are up to via tweets?!

Rant aside, limiting the time you spend on social media is a great way to keep yourself feeling positive about yourself. I limit myself to 10 minutes a session, maybe in the morning, midday, and the evening. In total that is half an hour, which may seem a lot to some people, I find it quite reasonable in comparison to some other people. I also try not to go onto social media while I am in the company of other people, instead chat to them about various different topics. This way, you not only will benefit yourself, you will also earn yourself a reputation for being a nice, sociable person (always a bonus).

Take pride in yourself. I don't know many people these days who are completely happy with their lifestyle and the way that they live. Although I can't change the way you think - I'm no mind controller - I can tell you that you have nothing to worry about. I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason, and that includes you. Whatever you do there is always a reason behind it, and usually it is a good one. I'm not religious, but I do choose to believe that God made you who you are, and everyone should respect you for it. Everyone is unique, even your identical twin won't have the thing that makes you, you. Take pride in yourself, show off to other people - they honestly don't have any right to make a comment. Go on - I dare you to post something on your social media platforms which you normally wouldn't!

What do you think? Do you use social media as inspiration or not?

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  1. I never use social media as an inspiration. I tend to live my life the way I want to, not the way that someone else is. I'm so excited for GGL, and can't wait to see the other girls' posts! Good job putting this together.
    ~ Sanjana

    1. Thank you - I found it a bit difficult to write as I know many people are sensitive about social media from previous experiences, but it was important to get the word out there! That sounds like a good way to lead your life, and a way that people should follow!

  2. Lovely post as always Paige x

    1. Thank you Had! I'm excited for this series, and your post was great! x

  3. Thank you for this post, I can't agree more!

    hannie | VANILLA LOVIN


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