Thursday, 7 May 2015

Reader Discussions

Is it worse to fail at something, or never attempt it in the first place?

I thought I would do something different today - and leave you in charge of the post. I'm opening up this post as a reader discussion, something you can talk to each other about in the comments. If you check the Notify Me box at the bottom right hand side of the comment box, you can tell when someone has replied to your comment! 

I personally think that nobody can fail at something, but instead it is their lack of self motivation. I am pretty sure anybody can do anything if they truly put their heart and soul into it, and will achieve an outcome of success. Therefore, it is worse to never attempt it in the first place, as you haven't even given yourself a chance of success, instead doomed for failure. 

These are just my opinions, what are yours?


  1. I agree with your opinion. If you never try at all, how do you know you'll fail. I personally think failure is a good thing; I'd trust the man who has failed a billion times over a man who'se never failed in his lifetime. You learn from your experience. The true failure is the one who doesn't know failure. :) nice post idea!

  2. I read a great post the other day on this subject. It was about how the words victory and defeat are complete opposites, but they both mean that someone did something. They tried. They just didn't sit around and have no say in the future.
    Personally I think that it's better to try and fail than to never give it a shot. We learn from mistakes and maybe if we try a second time will will succeed.

  3. I feel that trying then failing will hurt someone's self esteem while not attempting and not knowing may protect that. However it really depends on the person. For me I like to know if I have at chance at something at all so I like to try at least once.


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