Sunday, 10 May 2015

Beauty Tips I Wish I Learnt Sooner

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I think it is fair to say that when I was younger, I really had no idea what I was doing with my makeup and beauty products. Today, I thought I would share a quick post on the tips I wish I had known when I first started taking a interest in beauty, and if these match up to any of yours comment below and we can have a laugh together!

- It's not enough to just wash your face twice a day, hot water and facial wash are a essential.
- You don't have to spend hours googling 'makeup looks', you can do a pretty good job yourself, and it is more your style.
- Use a brush or sponge to apply your base, and if you have lost them - wash your hands before applying makeup.
- Moisturise after washing your face with face exfoliator.
- So your hair doesn't get damaged, use heat protection on your hair before applying heat to your hair.
- When washing your makeup brushes, don't use oil - just settle for warm water and hand wash.
- Don't use hair removal cream on your eyebrows - you're the one who will suffer!
- Just because your friends are wearing a certain foundation that is the right shade for them, doesn't mean it is your shade too!

These are some beauty tips I wish I learnt sooner, what are yours?


  1. I agree 100% that once you learn the hang of things, you don't need a Youtube video to tell you how to do your makeup. Moisturizing was such a tough thing for me to grasp as I have oily skin, so I thought putting on moisturize would just make it even more oily. However, after I found a gel moisturizer that works, my skin has just improved! I think the one tip I wish I would have taken earlier is to not try and squeeze a pimple as I now have some acne marks that have yet to go away :( Love the new blog layout!

    Emily |

    1. I agree - even though I know not to squeeze a pimple, sometimes the temptation is too much! Thank you, its just few changes, but it leaves the template looking a bit fresher!

  2. Lovely tips! Very helpful :)

  3. Great tips, and lovely photo!


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