Sunday, 12 April 2015

Revision Tips

Lately I have been finding it quite hard to revise my school work when I am meant to. In fact, I am sitting down writing this post as it comes to the end of my Easter holidays when I have eventually finished doing my coursework! Anyway, I thought I would share some tips I have thought of that will help me get motivated and hopefully help all those in a similar position.

Get things to motivate you. If you are a visual learner, this is a great thing to do before you start studying as you have new things you want to try out. I personally like to get a pretty notebook, some new pens and a reward for after I have finished.

Find your ideal workspace. I find revising best when I am in a tidy workspace, and with some music playing in the background. This is completely different to my family, but this is something that works best for me! I don't know why I like to work in a tidy space, my bedroom often disagrees, haha, but I find that a 'clear space equals a clear mind'! However, this doesn't apply to everyone so take some time to find what works best for you. 

When do you work best? Many people like to work at school hours, and this is something I think would work well for me too. Wake up like you would do normally on a school/work day and work according to the times you have there. This is especially helpful to make sure you don't get those end-of-holiday-blues (yes, that is now a thing!) as your body will be used to waking up at the right time. Working according to school hours also means that once the time ends, you can have the rest of the afternoon and evening off!

Keep revision or notecards. I love keeping notecards for things I have revised. I find these especially useful for Science revision to pick out the main facts from my fact sheets. These fact sheets are ones I print off from BBC Bitesize and arrange in alphabetical order in my new folder! Very geeky I know, but it really helps!

Reward yourself. After revising it is really important to reward yourself for all that hard work! I usually find having a reward for afterwards inspires me to work faster and harder to get the reward sooner! Find something that you enjoy, for me this is having a lush bath bomb in my bath, or a evening taking photographs outside!

What are your favourite ways to revise?

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