Sunday, 29 March 2015


It's not often I post little stories that I have written, in fact I never have on this blog! Today I thought I would share with you the opening of a story I have been writing, I love writing openings to stories and I hope you enjoy reading this one!

"I will begin my story with some easy mathematics.


But these sums are wrong. The real sums go:


You'd better be careful, you don't want to sit in your classroom and start reciting the wrong answers. Off to the looney house you pop.
There are about 99 people here according to wrong numbers, 24 people if you are using right numbers. All of us here serving a crime nobody knows they committed. All we know if that it has something to do with The Numbers. They were the ones who decided that 1+1=5, not 2. They were the ones who sat us on the Right Numbers probe and asked us questions. I like maths tests - no, I liked maths tests. It was the reason I went first. The man in the big purple suit asked me the questions.
'3²?' They asked.
'9' I answered confidently.
That was a wrong number."

Do you like this opening? What do you think happens next?


  1. Oh my GOSH Paige you MUST post more of your writing! This intro is so fascinating! I cannot wait to read what happens next!! <33

  2. This is really interesting! I love this opening, and it's so intriguing that I'd love to read more. Have you thought of publishing it on Wattpad? I'm not sure if you've heard of it, but you can upload your stories there, design your own cover and keep it copyright. :) I'd love to know what happens next! :)

  3. You are a fantastic writer, Paige! This reminds me a bit of the Divergent series :) I would love to read more of your writing. On a side note, I featured Twenty-One Designs on my March Favorites as I was so happy with the favicon you made for me! :)

    Emily |

    1. Thank you, I thought I would experiment a bit with different things to post on this blog! Also, I am so glad you like your favicon!


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