Saturday, 20 December 2014

Blogs I Have Been Loving Recently

One of the reasons why I love blogging is reading other blogs, and supporting the blogging community. I have a list of blogs that I enjoy reading everyday, but I thought I would go a bit more in detail about 5 of my favourite blogs, of which I have discovered recently.

Bonjour Luce
Ah, Luce's posts are lovely, and although I don't really follow beauty blogs because they seem to bore me, her blog is definitely an exception! She has a boot-i-ful blog design too, and she also does lifestyle and advice posts too.

Let it Be Cosy
I only discovered Rocio's blog last week, and already I have scrolled through all her posts and the photos. Oh boy, the photos are beautiful! She creates beautiful recipes and I always look forward to when she posts.

The Life of a Private Girl
You know when you discover a blog and then read through all of their posts because you just can't get enough? Sophie has a beautifully co-ordinated blog from design to content, and I love it. Her photos are always so bright, and you enjoy seeing what she comes up with for posts.

Jenny Purr
Jenny's blog is everything I want mine to be. Her content is lovely and interesting, and I can relate to all of her posts. And seeing as I am having a craze about minimalism at the moment, her blog design is right up my street.

Lisette Loves
Fun, bright, Lisette has it all. As soon as you click onto her blog, her little side picture caption makes you feel like you know her. Her beautiful pictures of food and recipes make my tummy hungry just looking at them. When she isn't posting recipes, Lisette posts little cute updates and favourites.

Do you like any of these blogs? Are there any you would recommend? 


  1. Hi Paige!

    The Private Life of A Girl seems pretty interesting out of all of them, I love Sophie's posts about travelling :) Thanks for sharing these blogs!

    The Happy Candle.


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