Thursday, 6 November 2014

Pins I Love

I only began Pinterest a few weeks ago, and already I am addicted. It's full of all sorts; inspiration, cute DIYs, and really pretty photos. You can follow my little collection here, but I thought it would be nice if I shared my favourite pins that I have been loving this week.

#1 Cute crafts is one of my favourite things to search on Pinterest, so its no wonder I am in love with these cute teacup candles! I think they would make such cute gifts for friends and family, and they cost near to nothing to make!

#2 Forget the toffee apples, these cupcakes are brilliant. After all the excitement yesterday about bonfire night, you can bring back the festive feel with these super-cute Toffee Apple Cupcakes!

#3 I particularly like the new Autumn Looks, with the neutral eyes, dark lips, but it may be a while until try it myself! I use Pinterest to inspire most of my makeup looks, and I love them!

#4 It's brilliant when you have a good breakfast, even better if it's healthy! Most of my baking inspiration comes from Pinterest as I love baking cookies and cakes. Recently, I haven't been able to sit down and eat breakfast, so these oaty raspberry cookies are perfect for out and about too!

#5 This is another one of my to-do DIYs, Sharpie Mugs are so cute, as before, they would make the coolest Christmas present, especially since you can customize them!

Are you a Pinterest fan? Leave your links below...


  1. Another great post! I love the #3 the best

  2. I love pinterest!The cupcakes look amazing!

    xoxo The Lifer Blog

  3. Great pins, my favorite are the cupcakes ♥

  4. I love Pinterest, I really like those teacup candles they look like great Christmas gifts! I find the most delicious recipes on Pinterest and am determined to make them all one day! :)

    1. I know - Pinterest is such a great website! x


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