Thursday, 30 October 2014

Little Habits

Not too long ago I was sitting down watching a television programme with my friends. My sister just happened to be there too, and turned up the volume down because it was too loud. Just as I was about to reach for the remote, I noticed my friend doing something that made me stare with pure shock and delight - she reached for the remote and turned it down once more so the volume was a even number...I stared for a while, as she was the first person I have ever seen that does just as I do myself.

This moment made me think about the little habits we all have, and how many of which we think are just our own, when there are hundreds of others that thinking exactly the same about their 'unique' habits. Lets just say it wasn't long before I came up with a whole list of little habits I, along with many other people, have:

- Can't concentrate on the television programme unless the volume has been turned up or down to a even number.

- Can't enjoy the first five minutes of a conversation with a stranger of fear of being judged.

- Can smash Just Dance but when asked to dance on the spot, just awkwardly shuffles on the spot.

Talks to yourself when something bad happens; e.g: *Trips over your own foot* "Ow! That hurts! Wait, did anyone see that? What if they did? Are they laughing? Just keep walking. Not to fast, you look like you just robbed something"

Can't wear a good outfit without good makeup.

Won't use the same tissue twice.

Searches the back of the shelf for items that have been less handled by strangers.

Will decide their desert before even looking at the main course menu. I mean, you got to leave the restaurant on a high, right?

Why not comment below your little habits, see if anyone is the same!


  1. I do exactly the same thing with the TV volume - I thought it was just me!!!
    -Lauren xoxo

  2. The second, third and fourth are so me! HAHA Nice post Paige :)


  3. Haha.. These are so True and the talking to yourself one is so me.


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