Saturday, 16 September 2017

Sound Intone Bluetooth Headphones Review

I've always been a earplug gal, maybe due to ease of use, or maybe due to my lack of ever owning some proper headphones, so when I decided to bite the bullet and buy some headphones for the first time lets just say I was pretty excited. These headphones are from Amazon (buy here), retailed for £17.99 and lets just say - I'm in love. They are white, rose gold and really cute which are obviously the most important quality of headphones, I know.

*Just linking the headphones to this post had me realising that they no longer sell the rose gold ones, but they do silver ones and other nice alternatives*

Seriously though, these headphones are amazing for what you get for the price. They have cushioned headphone parts (wow, Paige nice one) which mean they are really comfy around the ears, as well as having a adjustable head strap so you can adjust it to fit your own head. The sound quality is really great, and stays the same depending on whether you use the snazzy Bluetooth feature or the classic wired method. 

The Bluetooth mode is a lifesaver, they remind me of what the Apple AirPlugs would be like in headphone form, if I owned them aha! I connect them to my iPhone 7 with no issues at all, they connect really quickly and the sound quality is amazing. The range is also incredible - I can leave my phone upstairs and go downstairs with no issue for the majority of the house, it only starts to crackle at around 13m ish. The other connection method to your phone is a provided white aux cable, which I find so useful. You can also connect these headphones to the radio, but that is a mode I have yet to actually use aha! 

I am so pleased I bought these at such a bargain from Amazon! The delivery was super quick as well, and you get such good quality headphones for less than £20, which I think is amazing. In terms of durability, I have owned these for about 2 months now and they have been through travelling, heavy use and still are in tip top condition - whoo hoo! 

What headphones do you wear? Which ones do you recommend?

Saturday, 9 September 2017

What's In My School Bag 2017

Wahayy - back again for another installment of what's in my school bag! These are one of my favourite posts and topics to read/watch, so I am so excited to write this. This year, I'm heading to sixth form, so the equipment I need is slightly different to what I would use in secondary school - I've gathered the things I think I need but I can always pick up more stuff if I have forgotten anything!

My school bag is the Dune Taupe Grained Tote Bag, retailed at £65.00 - I can't find it on the Dune website, but I bought mine for £39.99 at TK Maxx - buy here! I really like this bag, it's really big and roomy to carry all of my school stuff. It feels really good quality as well, so I'm hoping it lasts so I can use it for everyday life after school!

Here is a quick overview of what I will be carrying in my everyday bag; fineliners, felt tips, refill pad, A4 plastic wallet, pencil case, highlighters and a thermal flask. I find that all this fits really easily in my school bag, and it leaves plenty of room for my lunchbox should I feel like making my own lunch that day. The thermal flask is from Primark for £5, and I love it! I think it will be perfect for the morning's where I want to take a hot drink in with me!

I plan to write all my notes in the refill pad during lessons and put them into the plastic wallet after writing them to save them from getting creased and crumpled. Then, when I get home I can transfer these notes into the big folders I bought for each subject I am doing. This saves me from carrying all the folders with me in the day, and also allows me to have a lighter bag by not carrying several notebooks at the same time!

Look how cute these pastel highlighters are! I bought my pack of 6 from Ryman for £3.49 - again, I can't find the deal I bought them for online but try heading into stores to see what deals they have! I know that pastel highlighters are not a necessity, but I think they will be really useful for studying and organising notes. In terms of other stationery, I just bought some regular Bic biros (aka my favourite pen), some Wilko pencils, all in one rubber/sharpener and a ruler!

When are you going back to school? What's in your school bag?

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Best Places To Shop Sales

I'm just going to put my hands up now and say - I love sales shopping. I find that you can buy so many great bargains from shops that sell great products that may provide a dint in some people's bank accounts, especially when adding up lots of products. I've gathered my favourite places to grab sales bargains, whether they have great discounts or wide varieties of sales - they all have, in my opinion, sales worth checking out.

H&M. I love a good H&M sale, and they seem to have them very frequently - which is fab for cheap new clothes on the regular! I personally like the H&M store sales more than online, as I can get a better idea on how the clothes look but it is all down to personal preference. H&M have great quality clothes which are on trend, and easy to wear!

Lush. I love Lush sales, I think they mostly do sales after Christmas but the discount you get is amazing. Even though I love browsing Lush throughout the year, £3-£4 for a bathbomb is super expensive (don't come at me) so I love getting them at a fraction of the price. You can buy these in store and online, I haven't had the chance to buy in store sales before, but if you wanted to avoid massive online queues in store shopping is certainly an option.

Topshop. I know, I know, Topshop is really expensive - but it is a hell of a lot cheaper than normal prices. Despite the usual expense though, the quality of clothes is practically unbeatable as they are such a good make - and getting the same quality at fraction of the price? Yes please. I like browsing both online and in store, online to get a initial feel of what's on sale and in store for trying clothes on and purchasing. You can also find some gems in store that are on sale, which perhaps wouldn't be online!

Primark. Primark isn't so much a 'sales' shop as it is an all round cheap shop, but I for one have noticed such a improvement in quality these past few years! It is slowly becoming more expensive, but the quality is great - equal to other stores with a much bigger price tag. I like getting staple bits from Primark as they have great seasonal clothing and home-ware!

What are your best places to shop for sales?

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Zoella Book Bundle // After The Fire Book (Will Hill) Review

I recently ordered the Zoella Book Bundle (as writing this post is on sale for £34.99 for all 8 books, bargain if you ask me) in an attempt to entertain myself the days following school finishing. I want to get into reviewing again, and why not start with my love of books! I wanted to start this reviewing jazz up with a book I have just finished reading, and absolutely love. Here's After The Fire's blurb:

The things I've seen are burned into me, like scars that refuse to fade.

Father John controls everything inside The Fence. And Father John likes rules. Especially about never talking to Outsiders. Because Father John knows the truth. He knows what is right, and what is wrong. He knows what is coming.

Moonbeam is starting to doubt, though. She's starting to see the lies behind Father John's words. She wants him to be found out.

What if the only way out of the darkness is to light a fire?

Intriguing or what? Without spoiling it, After The Fire explores the complex emotions and feelings after being freed from a alternate way of life. There is certainly an element of dystopia in this novel, which I love (I was getting a little bit of 1984 vibes), and Will Hill sums up the dedication and courage involved for all characters. 

My favourite character, aside from Moonbeam, was Agent Carlyle - a side character but still a great one, I loved his witty comments and reactions to information; which provided some reality to what would have been touching on a abstract book. Favourites aside, all of the characters felt real and living - the only thing I would change are the names, Moonbeam and Star for example, which I feel distance the reader due to the lack of commonality. 

The plot contains several good twists that come as good surprises, and are rather unexpected which I loved. The fact that the novel kept me guessing which created a grip on you, a feeling I love, and the book was divided into two parts; Before and After - which really amplified the suspense. 

Bad things? There isn't much I can say, which is always good! Aside from some of the character's names which I am not a fan of (personal preference), the characters were all very realistic and believable. I felt that the theme trust was ever so slightly overdone - I mean, I am seriously nitpicking here! I felt that the ending was really well crafted - it provided for the thirst the reader wants for Moonbeam to have a good future. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and am really glad that I got to experience it as part of the bundle. It definitely is a new favourite book of mine, and one that I will be rereading over and over! As some topics are quite sensitive, I would recommend this book for older readers, and fans of cult theories and physiology of people following traumatic events. 

Have you read this book? How did I do as a reviewer?